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When you're more than a mile over sea level, every vape toke feels like the first puff in the morning, which is what vapers are constantly chasing. The state of Colorado is probably filled with some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery that's available in the United States.

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When you're more than a mile over sea level, every vape toke feels like the first puff in the morning, which is what vapers are constantly chasing. The state of Colorado is probably filled with some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery that's available in the United States. You wake up in crisp 30 degree weather, which is when coffee is essential. You stare out into to the distance at the rocky mountains with the white caps vibrantly projecting purple light back into the orange and blue sky, like a giant scoop of rainbow sherbet. I spent my mornings watching the geese flying over the hotel in a V formation the descending and landing in a lake somewhere off I25 while vaping on my Geek Bar Pulse Black Cherry.

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On my stay, I spent a lot of time in a town way north of Denver Called Fort Collins. It had the charm and ambiance that comes from a small town. I walked into a beautiful little vape shop where a manager was talking to an ex employee who had stopped by because she was in the area. Now how many jobs are you going to go back and visit once you've left? Survey says zero. But thats the kind of town this was and thats the kind of people that live there. Every vape shop I visited, the store employees gave me a smile and a genuine, "How can I help you?" or a "If you have any questions just let me know." This kind of customer service and interaction isn't lost on me. Living in a fast city like Los Angeles, where you're either in the way or you're not moving fast enough.

This quaint little vape shop in the heart of the Colorado state campus, had beautiful art designs from local art students. Some top-notch glass that they made in the shape of a heart, was displaying a lot of the top Vapes in the industry; Lost Mary, EB Create, Orion Bar, and the Geek Bar Pulse vape were at the top of the list for her.

Thereafter, I stopped into a local Persian Restaurant called Silk Road Kabob House for some of the most tender skewers I've ever had. The meats also came over a bed of rice which was an entree in and of itself. The staff is much like the rest of the people in Fort Collins, so friendly and helpful. I will come back another day to try some of their dumplings.

My second day in Fort Collins, I walked into a beautiful smoke shop with a vape connosseur on the front desk who had some of the most genuine vape knowledge I seen in a vape store. He showed me a couple of really cool up and coming brands that have been killing it in the local market."Geek bar Meloso vapes are up there in terms of sheer flavor," he told me. I showed him the new Lost Vapes Orion bar 10K puffs and he had nothing but positive reviews, especially on the vape device which he told me, "Looks so freaking awesome."

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Next few days I spent visiting my customers in their Denver vape shops around Lakewood and Edgewood. I stopped into a local smoke shop and was met with one of the most friendliest vape shop owners with a great knowledge of the local vape lifestyle. He said Elf Bars and Esco bars used to rule the area but with them going away, the Lost Mary vapes and EB Create BC5000 are now his best sellers. Aside from that, he said he likes to find brands with vape devices he can trust. I showed him the new Smok Spaceman 10,000 vapes and he said "I like the device, it's sleek and understated and the vape flavor Alfonso Mango doesn't taste like chemicals." The man knew his stuff.

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Then he recommended me some local restaurants to tryout. Specifically the Pizzeria Leopold, just a quick walk away. Being as I was wrapping up the day and heading back to the hotel. I decided to take his vaping advice and stop in for a slice of pizza. The thin style Diavola pizza was to die for with fresh mozzarella and a mix of pesto and pecorino sauces topped with salami and Peperchinis. Pair it with one of their local craft beer on tap, or in my case a nice Old Fashioned, it was a perfect end of evening kind of meal. The staff was friendly and being that it was just around closing time, the restaurant had extra olive tempenade bread which they gave me for free. I can't recommend this place enough and when your there, stop by next door to get yourself a vape disposable.

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A few more days in Denver I met more of my Vape shop customers. There's a few vape shops with lakeside views where you can go outside and puff some good vape clouds while watching local fisherman try to catch large mouth bass. That's where I found myself when I met the shop owner who was dumping his trash from his last vape order. I saw that he had just unpacked some EB Create boxes. He was impressed with the new RabBeats 10k vapes which I told him is the newest version release by EB Create. He tried my samples and specifically liked the Strawberry Kiwi Ice vape flavor.

I spent the rest of my days visiting my vape store customers in different parts of the Denver Metro Area to see my clients in the highlands area where there are fantastic restaurants, local businesses and ambient nightlife. After treating myself to Buffalo Wings and watching the Denver Broncos game, we decided to hit the local speakeasy for a craft cocktail. I had a classic Old-Fashioned with some aged bourbon. Once we felt ready to go, my client told me about a local ice cream stand within walking distance that had a Christmas themed decor. I had to see it, I was Blown away by Little Man Ice Cream. It looked like a giant bucket and was surrounded by Christmas trees and Multi colored lights. I got a peppermint cookie dough cone which came with a free candy cane.

Overall, Colorado is a wonderful place to visit if you like great food, friendly people and a great focus on locally owned businesses. The shops in the Denver Metropolitan area are also great at knowing which vape devices is the next up and comer in the make. I would 10/10 recommend Denver as your next fall Vacation spot.

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Brandon Podesta


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