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Geek Bar Mini 1500 Vape--Small But Mighty

The vaping game has gone mini. Introducing the smallest but high-powered disposable vape in existence

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Geek Bar Mini 1500.

This little bad boy can deliver the same smooth, rich-flavored vaping experience as its big brother, the Geek Bar Max, while remaining discreet enough to hide in plain sight when you're out and about. Geek Bar has strengthened its disposable line with a vaping device that offers convenience anyplace and delivers amazing, mouthwatering puffs whenever you need a quick break from this ever-demanding world we live in. Dive into the world of the Geek Bar Mini that fits right in the palm of your hands.

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Geek Data

The Mini 1500 is a smaller version of the Geek Bar Max 9000. Despite its size, it packs 1500 puffs of continuous, flavorful airflow to keep the fruity aroma going until the last drop. It features a modern new Dual Mesh coil that provides a 3-D feel of the flavor you're vaping on, making your taste buds proud of this vape. The nicotine level is set at 5% to keep you alert when you need to renew your energy and take off the pressure from conquering your tasks.

The battery life would last you until you finish up the last puff, since it has a non-rechargeable battery of 550 mAh, so you won't need to carry around a charging cable, just you and your vape. The Meloso series brings a beautiful design shared across all their different flavor versions.

The Mini series is a glossy disposable that comes in various radiant colors and has a shiny metallic bottom, which will make other vapers wonder where you found this gorgeously designed Mini disposable.

Geek Flavors

The new dual mesh inside the Mini 1500 is what dreams are made of for vapers looking for compact device. This dual mesh has improved the flavor taste in the new Meloso series, with the flavors coming out delicious with no downside effect. No reeking chemical smell and no flat after-taste; the flavorful fruits are all delicious until the last drop. Geek Bar did a wonderful job in making sure you get a puff of their new evolutionary disposables at your fingertips.

In my opinion, Geek Bar has evolved and left me impressed with how enjoyable it is to puff their new Meloso series.

My favorite is the Pina Colada; it tastes exactly like the world-renowned Puerto Rican cocktail.You can sense the coconut milk blend with a richness to it. Whoever mixed this flavor deserves a Gold medal. I highly recommend trying this flavor.

Next, the White Gummy Ice is out of this world. I am a geek for this flavor. The Gummy and Ice combination tastes amazing, and I enjoyed it very much because of how well it blends in and how sweet it tastes, just like candy.

Another flavor I tried is the Watermelon Ice, which is different from other brands' disposables; it's icy with the taste of Watermelon. The free airflow from the Mini vaporizes this flavor excellently, leaving an aroma of watermelon in your airways. The Mini packs a punch; it's definitely worth checking out all your favorite flavors.

Available flavors at Vape Central Wholesale:

-MintBlueberry Ice
-Grape Jelly
-Gummy Bear
-Icy Ruby
-Lemon Iced Tea
-Mexico Mango
-Peach Berry
-Pina Colada
-Sour Apple Ice
-Strawberry Banana
-Strawberry Mango
-Watermelon Ice
-White Gummy Ice

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

A new twist to classic flavors

The new BC5000 vape has made a flawless vape with plenty of classic flavors and new flavor E-juice blends to choose from. The fruit flavor line-up is immense, with up to 40 different flavors tastes available for all vapor connoisseurs to explore. Now you can dive deeper into a new EB Create vape world with classic flavors for the perfect vape to indulge in.

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate WholesaleEBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

EB Create's new dual mesh coil activates a fast draw, delivering consistent amazing taste puff after puff. My new favorite flavor from the BC5000 vape is the Tropical Rinbo, embracing the snack favorite candy bean aroma sweet taste. Don't be fooled by the spelling of the flavor name; you will feel the taste of the famous candy treat that will elevate your mood and enhanced relaxation. Another new popular EB vape flavor that is trending with our customers is the Snoow Ice, a flavor that once you take a puff, it will make you reminisce a taste of the exotic flavor snowflake ice treat. It gives you a delightful ice cream taste when you puff away the E-clouds with an aroma of snowflake ice treat left behind in your mouth, a flawless vape hit made in heaven. A classic vape flavor that was brought back is the fan favorite, Clear. This EB vape flavor is super minty, leaving your mouth with a refreshing aftertaste to enjoy. Gives BC5000 vape aficionados the perfect vape hit of minty flavors as it will remove your morning breath with a breeze of minty freshness.

-The EB Create BC5000 is still a recognizable name in the vape world. Since the new launch of the EB Create vape, it has become one of our top seller in a short period of time and will be beneficial to have in your vape warehouse.
-Over 40 flavors of classic, remix, and brand new varieties that will want to make EB vape fans try them all. A great job EB created in their vape lab on executing many delicious tastes that will make vapers rejoice. 

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

-The EB vape comes in a new design and packaging that is as presentable as the original BC5000 vape classic with a fresh look, giving vapers a reminder of where the new EB vapes comes from and is easily recognizable when they see the BC5000 vape display box at vape shops. If you need new vape supplies of the EB Create, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered.

Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable |Geek Bar| Meloso Max


There are still some vape shops that don't have new EB Vapes stocked in their vape warehouse. The new BC5000 might still not be part of their vaping supplies because they are unaware about the new brand renaming, as it is still spreading nationwide. But it will gain traction once the vapor world know who they really are. The puff count of 5,000 is a good amount but not as high as newer vape disposables in the vape world. However, I am sure EB Create BC5000 vapes will catch up in no time while they are reintroducing their bread and butter disposable vape.

The Verdict:

EB Create has done a magnificent job in recreating their BC5000 vape by bringing it back to vape shops, and they should definitely add it into their vape warehouse since it is the gold standard in the vape world. EB Create have improved their flawless vape with newer dual mesh coils to enhance their draw action, new delicious flavors, and a new sleeker appearance that makes it the perfect vape.

Once vape shops, the vape distributor, and vapers have a full grasp of who EB Create is, once they try out the BC5000 pod; they will recognize the popular vape brand and recreate the same demand they had when the first original disposable vape first hit the vape world. It is a solid investment to be one of the first to carry the EB Create BC5000 vapes since not many vape shops and vaping supplies centers are aware of the new branding and are underestimating how amazing the new EB Create vape really is.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we want to stock your vape warehouse so everyone can have the chance to carry the new perfect vape in your vape store while everyone is still sleeping on it. The future is bright for EB Create BC5000 vapes.

GEEK BAR meloso MINI 1500 Disposable Vape 5%

Pros and Cons for Shops and Distros:

-The Mini is budget-friendly while offering a high-end appearance, giving you great value for your money.
-Its small size fits right in your palm, allowing for discreet usage anyplace you go.
-The Dual Mesh Coil, the latest technology, provides a quick draw and produces large, satisfying puffs.

 -The 1500 puffs may be considered low by some, leaving users wanting more.
- The Mini is non-rechargeable, but its small puff count should still offer sufficient usage.

The Verdict:

In my opinion, if you value convenience and dislike carrying around bulky mods or larger devices, the Geek Bar Mini 1500 is the perfect solution. Its compact design easily fits into any pocket, making it ideal for summer adventures when you want a featherweight disposable that goes unnoticed by others. The Mini's attractive appearance also earns you compliments from onlookers.

Don't underestimate the performance of this little guy; the dual mesh coil ensures it performs just as well as its bigger sibling, the Maloso Max.

The Geek Bar Mini 1500 is an excellent addition for vapers seeking a new experience or a reliable backup disposable in case their larger devices run out of battery or juice. Its versatility caters to everyone and has received positive feedback from many shops and distributors we work with.

With the Mini, you can enjoy moments of peace and relaxation, knowing that this little device delivers big results all around.


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