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Smok vapes, whom been around since 2010, has built a good reputation in the vaping community, launching popular vape tanks, atomizer, vape kits and coils, are still going strong to this day with a game changing disposable pod that carries on the latest vaping technology.

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Smok Spaceman 10k Pro takes off into the space of disposable pods, as it just launched a rocket into the vaping universe. Smok is one of the vaping pioneers that has always launched many game changing vape devices over the last decade. The reputable vape company Smok vape has a  new high performing vape device will sure turn vapers on to try their new SpaceMan vape that will excite the vaping community. Smok Spaceman vape has taken a giant leap into the disposable vape game and we are all here for it.

To give a vape history refresher on the vaping company Smok vapes, in 2015, they innovated the vaping game with their instant vape hit, the TVF4 vape device. It used a sub ohm Smok tank that brought the vape game to new heights by letting vapers to produce crazy amounts of E-clouds like it's a sport. In 2018, Smok vapes went to the next level with their Smok Novo vape series, a vape pod device that used an updated mesh coil and a powerful battery that started the compact pod revolution. Now, Smok is going far and beyond with the amazing looking Spaceman 10K Pro vape, a disposable pod that has quickly caught the eyes of vapers since its launch from smoke shops and vape distributors with an extraordinary colorful case design that brings excitement and appeal to the vaping world. Where to find SpaceMan 10K pro? At Vape Central Wholesale we supply the latest trends in the vaping universe with easy ordering, free shipping, and free replacement.

vape central wholesale|smok spaceman vape review| disposable vape| vapor world| smok vape
vape central wholesale|smok spaceman vape review| disposable vape| spaceman flavors
vape central wholesale|smok spaceman vape review|disposable vape| spaceman flavor review| smok vapes|

The Smok Spaceman vapes are made to last a long time with an incredible 10,000 puff vape count, an ambitious mission achievement for vapers to accomplish. The long lasting puff count comes with Smok vapes high performing meshed coil that will keep you consistently puffing flavorful prefilled E-juice. The SpaceMan vape comes with 16 ml of sweet fruity flavors to make you pop for joy when the feeling of calmness and relaxation comes to your body, thanks to the 5% nicotine salt. Smok vapes are known for putting strong batteries in their vape devices since the SpaceMan is made for your long journeys with a 800 mAh battery and a rechargeable Type C port. SpaceMan 10k Pro comes with an adjustable air flow toggle to control your MTL action, 

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vape central wholesale|smok spaceman vape review| EB Create reviews| disposable vape| spaceman alphonso mango| smok vape| smok vapes

that way vapers customize for slower vape hits or for effortless smooth puffs to create large E clouds. The SpaceMan vape case design is artsy with the upper half of the disposable pod being a see thru shiny glass, with the inside wrapped in a spiral and wavy design with different vibrant colors. It does have a slight similar style to the Orion Bar 7500 but still a disparate design scheme. The bottom half of the pod is made of metal with a different color for each vape flavor, along with small printed words of the SpaceMan vape logo and the flavor name. What stands out the most and looks futuristic is that it has a LED display that shows vapers how much E-liquid is left and the power battery status to make sure Vapers dont leave without recharging their SpaceMan vape. Each box of SpaceMan 10k Pro vapes comes with 5 disposable vapes, as the packaging illuminates bright, making it look vibrant so it can stand out when vapers are browsing for their next disposable vape at your vape shop.

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Smok vapes meshed coil does an outstanding job of delivering the most flavorful fruity vape profile for vapers. Smok SpaceMan 10k Pro offers 10 different vape fruit flavors to choose from, and Vape Central Wholesale has them all available for your smoke shop. Vapers will see some familiar flavor names with a twist and fascinating flavor names to intrigue vapers from all corners of the planet. Vaping aficionados, get your astronaut gear on as these flavors out of this world. My new favorite SpaceMan vape flavor is the Juicy Rainbow Ice. Gives vapers a delicious fruit puff with a thirst quenching after-taste, as this flavor is blended with Cherry, Pineapple, Coconut, and Blue Razz Ice, a definite must try for Ice fans, especially your customers. My next favorite vape flavor is the Blue Haze, a flavor mixed with Blueberries and Orange fruit. It is a great tasting vape that gives you good puffs to refresh your taste buds. Another great vape flavor is the Dragon Mango Lemonade, obviously combined dragon fruit, mango and lemon to give you that rush to wake your senses up with intoxicating puffs while your on the go, definitely a must have. Also try the Black Mint for those minty lovers who need to freshen up their breath yet in need to jump up their mood. Smok vapes are only just beginning in the disposables world, as SpaceMan has gained momentum since its first launch. Smok vape know how to craft vape devices to the fullest, as its advanced technology brings out the flavors from their SpaceMan vapes.

Smok SpaceMan 10k Pro flavors
-Juicy Rainbow Ice
-Root Beer
-Alphonso Mango
-Mixed Berries
-Blue Haze
-Watermelon Ice
-Dragon Mango Lemonade
-Black Mint
-Banana Cake
-White Grape Ice
Pros and Cons for Vape Shops and C-Stores


-Smok, made by one of the most reputable companies in the vape world, they been around for 13 years and with their revolutionary Novo Smok, they are now in the dispo game ready to go beyond. The Smok vape price is great value as well.
-The SpaceMan vapes are visually amazing, from the disposable pod to the packaging, it is shiny and illuminates in the light. It is an attractive packaging and vape device that vapers will crave.
-The Space Man vape flavors are ridiculously good tasting. The adjustable air flow helps create monster clouds or just chill puffs. Smok vapes has advanced to the next level with their disposable vapes.

-Based on visiting customer vape shops and conversation with smoke shops and chain stores about SpaceMan, many vape businesses still do not carry SpaceMan vapes or are aware that Smok is behind it. But it will catch on as it will air walk in every store soon.

-Smok vape is well known and most vape shops carry Smok tanks and Smok Novo. Why not carry Smok disposable pods? At Vape Central Wholesale, we can ship it to you for free at an unbeatable price.

The Verdict

As people like to stargaze at night, why not try it with a SpaceMan 10k Pro vape? Smok has done an incredible job with their launch disposable vapes. From Smok Atomizer, Novo Smok, to Smok disposables, this will create amazing vape smoke sessions. The whole look and feel of the SpaceMan vape is high quality and packs 10,000 puff counts. As time passes, Smok SpaceMan looks promising, as the Smok vape price is at a very reasonable and budget minded so that all vapers get a chance to try Smok's latest innovation in the vaping world. Be one of the first to carry Smok SpaceMan 10k Pro so that you can do your customers a favor and not want to miss this. Where to find SpaceMan vape? At Vape Central Wholesale, we strive to deliver world-class service, free shipping and free replacement to give you peace of mind. We are confident in offering the latest trends in the world of disposable vapes to make sure you make a solid investment. Enjoy your spacewalk with Smok SpaceMan vapes, the next big thing is here.

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Get Geeked with Brand New Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 vape flavors to take your vaping game to the next level. Geek Bar vapes has launched new fruit flavored dispos for your lungs and taste buds to appreciate, offering 6 new delicious flavors to choose from. Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 have again delivered captivating sweet flavors for vapers to indulge in. Now Available for all vape shops, online vape stores, and vape distributors to add onto their vape supplies.


Brandon Podesta

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As a professional vape connoisseur or a business owner, you're likely familiar with Elf Bar\EB Design, which has been a top seller in the market. Despite its success, this brand has faced its fair share of challenges since its launch. As one of the first distributors to carry EB Create on the market, we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled opportunities. We understand the significance of staying ahead in this ever-changing industry.

From EB Design to EB Create, join us in leading the game!

Cia Luo

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At Vape Central Wholesale, We carry one of the Best Selling vape, Lost Mary OS5000 to our B2B vape customers. We are revealing our recent popular Lost Mary vape flavors that our vape shops, online vape stores, and vape wholesale customers are buying in bulk. Purple Haze - A intriguing name but with a more interesting blend. This brand new vape flavor comes together the fruits Oranges and Grape berries, a unique taste to make amazing vape hits. Feel the grape aroma with a citrus delicious feel that is rare to find in other vape brands.


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