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Halloween Horror - Escape from Vapes

the glowing tips of disposable vapes I brought with me, Orion Bar 10k, Geek Bar Pulse and Novo Bar vapes, added an extra layer of pleasure to the rhythmic escapade.

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Ravers Delight

Insomniac's Escape Halloween has once again swept through on an October spooky weekend with a symphony of hardcore sounds, beautiful sights and vaping sensations. This year's lineup brought a diverse range of EDM talent to the stage, turning the event into a pulsating heartbeat of the rave scene. Amongst the ravers, another form of excitement was present — the glowing tips of disposable vapes I brought with me, Orion Bar 10k, Geek Bar Pulse and Novo Bar vapes, added an extra layer of pleasure to the rhythmic escapade.  

Head Bumping Journey of Escape Halloween

Day 1

For Day 1, I rocked a Bushido female warrior costume, ready to feel the ambiance of one of the biggest rave events of the year. Fist pumps everywhere in a sea of ravers was all I witnessed when the legendary Afrojack took the stage with his signature blends of Dutch house and hard progressive beats, mixing a set that was both innovative and nostalgically rooted in the best of EDM's golden age. His ability to interact with the crowd, dropping beats that led to collective cheers, was a standout moment of the night. My favorite song is the EDM chart topping, Titanium, and it really fired me up for the night.

The popular Slander also had one of the best performances of the night. Urban legend has it that if you listen to his song, Love is Gone, with your loved one, you will be together forever. I hope that me listening to the song that night put a magic spell and helped my wish come true.

The night ended with an amazing set of thumping bass and Dubstep anthems of the crazy eccentric Zomboy, whose electrifying presence was a thrill for my senses. The popular song, Get with the Program, shows his knack for mixing up hard pumping rhythms with melodic moments created a musical roller coaster that kept the crowd jumping.


Day 2

For Escape day 2, I was ready for the night and dressed up as a Bunny girl to celebrate life and Halloween. As exciting as Friday was, Day 2 took Escape Halloween to new heights. The world famous DJ Snake delivered an incredible mega mix set that spanned genres and eras of EDM music, a testament to his versatility and status as a global music influencer. DJ Snake - South Sides X Wobble was a journey through the past, present, and future of EDM, leaving attendees breathless and begging for more.

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My favorite DJ and producer, Zedd closed out the weekend with a masterclass in electronic music performance mixing. He brought Halloween vibes into the air by dressing up as Goku in his Super Saiyan transformation from Dragon Ball Z. His ability to move the crowd and have fun lighting visuals with his unique brand of melodic house music, created a tapestry of light and sound that epitomized the Escape Halloween experience. I loved it when he played the song collaborated with Selena Gomez, I Want You to Know, the crowd sang altogether and the atmosphere brought excitement to the rave.

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Rave Fun with Orion Bar, Geek Bar Pulse, and Novo Bar

Amidst the sea of rhythmic ravers with bright neon lights gear, the role of vaping at Escape Halloween is as much about flavor as it is about the music itself. The delicious tasting Orion Bar Grape Burst became a sensation with its refreshingly crisp grape flavor that mirrored Escape Halloween's vibrant energy. Each vape puff was like a burst of grape-infused confetti, celebrating each beat drop with a fruity explosion that satisfied my taste buds. The lightness of the grape was perfect for those looking to dance through the night without feeling weighed down.

Then there was the candy taste of the Geek Bar Pulse Sour Apple Ice flavor, a game changer for the ravers who thrive on intensity. The initial tart taste was a thrilling jolt mixed with the drop of the hard thumping beat, that awakened the senses. The cooling icy effect that followed was like a night breeze against my skin, refreshing and invigorating, carrying me eagerly to the next track. The Sour Apple Ice flavor was a favorite with my raver group, as it is for vapers seeking a tangy kick to complement their high-octane needs for the night.

The experience of vaping these flavors at Escape Halloween was not just addictive; it was transformative. These carefully crafted vapors did more than just deliver nicotine; they created a sensory bridge between the music and the merriment, allowing ravers to taste the essence of the festival with every puff. It was a symphony of flavors, each note played in perfect harmony with the event's ecstatic spirit.

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The Ideal Disposable Vapes for Raves

When it comes to the perfect rave vape, the portability, flavor, and endurance are key factors. A disposable vape that can last the night without losing flavor consistency is essential. For the Escape Halloween rave event, one might recommend devices with vibrant flavor profiles like citrus or mint vape flavors to keep the senses sharp, or perhaps something with a calming vanilla or berry flavor during the more intense sets to smooth out the vibe of the night.

Vape flavors that set the mood of the DJ's and EDM artist's music performance can also be a fantastic way to get a more kick out of. Either a tangy lemon during Zomboy's electrifying high-energy performance, an aromatic tobacco or rich coffee flavor to groove to Afrojack's beats, a sweet blend to complement DJ Snake's eclectic ultra mix, and perhaps a crispy sweet apple or a cool menthol to chill with Zedd's melodic vibes, they are all great vape flavor choices to match to the music's beat.

Ravers' Way Home

The Escape Halloween was more than just a rave festival; it was an intersection where music meets lifestyle, and vaping played its part in accentuating this connection. Disposable vapes didn't just deliver the salt nicotine rush my mood, they delivered a spiritual changing experience that complemented each DJ's unique musical style and the overall ambiance of the rave festival. As we reflect on the hard pulsing beats and vapor-filled atmosphere, it's clear that disposable vapes have become an integral part of the modern raver's toolkit — not just for enjoyment, but for a complete sensory immersion in the world of Electronic dance music.

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This little bad boy can deliver the same smooth, rich-flavored vaping experience as its big brother, the Geek Bar Max, while remaining discreet enough to hide in plain sight when you're out and about. Geek Bar has strengthened its disposable line with a vaping device that offers convenience anyplace and delivers amazing, mouthwatering puffs whenever you need a quick break from this ever-demanding world we live in.

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Brandon Podesta

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Brandon Podesta

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