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Master Case of 150

RAZ DC25000 Disposable Vape Wholesale In Stock

RAZ DC25000 Disposable Vape Wholesale In Stock

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Available Flavors at Vape Central Wholesale

NIGHT CRAWLER - The most loved flavor that tops our vape flavor list is the amazing tasting Night Crawler flavor. Fill your mouth with joy, as this unique vape flavor was enjoyed by our vape testers. Enter the crazy smooth taste of fruit juice mixed with creamy vanilla and spearmint flavors, a explosion of fruity flavors that has a sweet sour after taste aroma that your lungs will enjoy. A definite favorite with our vape testers and the vape shops who consistently are on the lookout for.

STRAWBERRY ORANGE TANG - A blast from the past with the crazy Strawberry Orange Tang flavor, as our vape testers did not want to let go of the reminiscent tasting Orange Tang drink fused with ripe strawberry fruit. The tangy orange aroma left our vape testers stunned, as its glorious puff taste was bringing back memories to them with this flavorful tang.

WATERMELON ICE - Let's get icey with the sweet ripe watermelon taste and a cool menthol aroma that will freeze over your tongue. One of our vape testers couldn't get enough of this Watermelon Ice flavor that he had to do a social media review to hype up just how good it is.

BLUE RAZ ICE - The all time top selling vape flavor is back with RAZ DC25000, as the Blue Raz Ice hits different on this vape. Life is bliss with a mix of blueberries and raspberries and a breezy menthol for a finishing touch for your mouth to lung action.

BLUEBERRY WATERMELON - Get in the action of the sweet watermelon with blueberry taste that will refresh your senses to the max. Wake up to a taste of heaven with Blueberry Watermelon that will keep you elevated all day long.

BANGING SOUR BERRIES - Before you jump into a day of mayhem in today's demanding world, get ready to get your day banging with sour berries. With a tart taste of action that will get your day going once puffing on the Banging Sour Berries.

CHERRY STRAPPLE - RAZ DC25000 keeps on giving vape flavor hits with the unique blends of this sweet cherry fruit flavor with ripe apple taste to jump up your mood. A Cherry Strapple will light up your day to give you the energy you need to finish it off.

GEORGIA PEACH - Classic Georgian Peach is made for days when you need to quench your thirst on a hot sunny day. Enjoy a ripe peach straight from the Georgia fields, an aroma that will give you southern vibes to chill too.

ICED BLUE DRAGON - If you crave clouds of exotic fruits, look no further. Enter the Iced Blue Dragon, a fusion of rich dragon fruit with natural blueberry flavors to brighten up your mood. Once the clouds leave your mouth, the minty taste will not be able to escape this rich intoxication flavor.

MIAMI MINT - Get that feeling like if you're on Ocean Drive in South Beach with the tropical weather with RAZ DC25000 very own Miami Mint flavor. Live the fast life of the rich Miami Mint, a unique minty flavor with Miami Vice vibes all over it with an extra kick to it.

RASPBERRY LIMEADE - Enjoy the fruity savory explosion of fresh Raspberry with a mouth quenching Lime to refresh your mood. The sour sweet taste of Raspberry Limeade is a zesty citrus vape session that will light up your aura so others can feel your positive vibes.

SOUR APPLE WATERMELON - Apple vape flavors are so delicious that the RAZ 25k vapes got it down to a science. Get down with the tasty Green Apple and Watermelon fusion to puff up too. Hit monster clouds of this fruity vape flavor, as the Sour Apple Watermelon is one unique flavor that vapers cannot miss.

SOUR WATERMELON PEACH - Reach the skies with a mind blowing sour after taste that will give you a new side of watermelon vape flavor along with an extra boost of sweet peach fruit. The Sour Watermelon Peach is another trending fruit flavor that RAZ vape offers right in time for the summer.

STRAWBERRY BURST - Burst your day full of bliss, thanks to this ripe strawberry that will bomb your mouth with joy. The Strawberry Burst is real sweet like the real thing, as its aroma will have you puffing non stop, all day long.

WINTER GREEN - Turn a sunny day into a winter freeze right in your mouth, as the Winter Green hits the chills with a hint of sweet flavored menthol. Feel your vape needs to cool over on this RAZ DC25000 vape flavor when it's time to get sun kissed.

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Geek Vape Raz DC25K| Disposable Vape Wholesale|




Check the juice and battery level through the built-in display window.

Different Puff Counts

Regular Mode - Approximately 25,000 Puffs
Boost Mode - Approximately 15,000 Puffs





Battery Capacity


RAZ DC25000 Disposable 5% Disposable Vape Wholesale

Geek Vape Raz DC25K| Disposable Vape Wholesale| Funky Republic vapes| Funky Republic frozen flavor|

Get the cold breeze of the vaping world with Funky Republic Ti7000 Frozen Edition

-Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
-USB Type-C Charging Port
-LED indicators for e-liquid level and battery life, Turbo Boost
-Advanced coil system, temperature control
-Up to 25,000 puffs

Mega HD Display Screen

Battery Indicator & E-Liquid Indicator
Vaping Animation
Charging Animation!

Purchase RAZ DC25000 Disposable 5% Disposable Vape Wholesale at Vape Central Wholesale to enjoy our exclusive wholesael vape deals by clicking SIGN UP now!

Geek Vape Raz DC25K| Disposable Vape Wholesale| Funky Republic vapes| Funky Republic frozen flavor|
Geek Vape Raz DC25K| Disposable Vape Wholesale|

Available Flavors:

-Bangin Sour Berries
-Blue Raz lce
-Blueberry Watermelon
-Cherry Strapple
-Georgia Peach
-Iced Blue Dragon
-Miami Mint
-Night CrawlerRR
-Raspberry Limeade
-Sour Apple Watermelon
-Sour Watermelon Peach
-Strawberry Burst
-Strawberry Orange Tang
-Watermelon lce

Geek Vape Raz DC25K| Disposable Vape Wholesale| Funky Republic vapes| Funky Republic frozen flavor|

Vape Q&A

The Funky Lands can be funky all the way until the last puff. The Funky Republic Vape can last up to 3,000 puffs of consistent fruit flavor.