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The vape galaxy has gone Geek, thanks to the newest sensation hitting vape shops and vape wholesale nationwide, the Geek Bar Pulse 15000.

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The vape galaxy has gone Geek, thanks to the newest sensation hitting vape shops and vape wholesale nationwide, the Geek Bar Pulse 15000. How did the Geek Bar Pulse vape become a top seller? The maker, Geek Vape has introduced new innovative features like the world's first screen display disposable vape, the Pulse mode that gives vapers a huge 7,500 to 15,000 count puff, a ultra high end vape design, and most importantly, delicious geek vape flavors with intriguing awesome names.

The Geek Bar Pulse is a tour de force that has gotten vapers attention from every corner of the galaxy. The new talk in town, Geek Bar Pulse vapes has captured the hearts of vapers and created a big demand from vape shops and online vape wholesale. One reason Geek Bar Pulse vape is sought after is the beautiful full screen display that vapers are flocking to. It gives the Geek Bar 15000 disposable vape a high status appeal as it has the looks of the most modern high tech gadget. Another trend that vapers are going after is the high puff count of an immense 15,000 puff count, which is the highest in any vape device available in the industry, especially coming from Geek Vape. These 2 new trends are what are bringing in major sales business for not only Geek Vape, but also for vape shops, vape wholesale and for us Vape Central Wholesale who are in vape distribution.

Carrying Geek Bar Pulse has helped propelled interest in the Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 and Mini as well, all have skyrocketed. As the Geek Bar Pulse vape sales has increased tremendously, it is now in the same league with other top trending vape brands like Smok Spaceman 10k Pro, Orion Bar 10k, and RabBeats RC10000, which all have done well in vape distribution and at smoke shops all over the US. The last reason Geek Bar Pulse vape has reached new heights in sales and has not come down is the amazing fruit vape flavors that is the sweet enriching E-juice that it prefilled in their disposable vape, as vapers and vape shops continue to make repeat purchases on a promising investment. If you are looking for a vape wholesale distributor, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered with having every Geek Bar Pulse flavor available, ready to ship for free. Check out our Geek Bar Pulse review in our vape blog section

Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable vape| geek vape| geek bar pulse review
Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable vape| full screen vape| geek vape
Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable vape| geek bar pulse flavor| geek bar wholesale

Where to find Geek Bar pulse flavor? At Vape Central Wholesale, we are a reliable vape distributor that offers vape wholesale deals along with Free Shipping and Free Exchange. We are a Geek Bar distributor that carries every Geek Bar Pulse flavor for your vape shop, online vape store and vape wholesale. 

Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable vape| geek bar pulse california cherry| geek vape flavor
Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable vape| geek bar pulse miami mint| geek vape| geek bar wholesale| geek vape flavors

What is the best Geek Bar Pulse flavor? Vape Central Wholesale, a vape distributor of top brands, is more than happy to reveal our best selling 10 Geek Bar Pulse flavors that are helping customers grow their business. Let's liftoff into the Geek Bar Pulse galaxy!

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"Let's liftoff into the Geek Bar Pulse galaxy!"

Geek Pulse Flavors
1.Blue Razz Ice - The ever popular vape flavor that takes the top spot for the best Geek Bar Pulse flavor. Enjoy the holidays with friends and family by sharing the delicious tasty Blue Blueberries with Icy Mint that gives you feel good vibe sesh. As a vape distributor, it is important we carry and offer Blue Razz Ice to our customers, the best selling geek bar flavor.

2.California Cherry - Theres no sweeter cherry than the Californian Tulare Cherries. Geek Bar Pulse vape did an outstanding job recreating the original aroma of Cali cherry sweet puffs that will melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Order vapes like the California Cherry from Vape Central and you supply the best of the best for your vapers.

3.Fcuking FAB - One of the best vape flavor names in the vape world. But also, enjoy the ultra savory treat of blends with Candy and Tropical Fruits with big vape clouds. It is a fabulous treat for yourself and dearest vape friends. The Fcuking Fab is a amazing flavor to have in your vape distribution and smoke shop.

4.Tropical Rainbow Blast - Do you ever feel like having a quick getaway from life's everyday demands? This geek vape flavor, Tropical Rainbow Blast, has you covered with the mega mix of juicy Candy Beans with hint of tart but sweet orange and pineapple flavor all rolled into one incredible tasting E-juice made by geek vape for geeks to vape. We are a reliable vape distributor that carries this in demand tasty vape flavor.

5.Strawberry Mango - Embrace is one of the top flavors in every vape brand. Now it is also available in the Geek Bar 15000. The delicious fruits Strawberry and Mango come together to form the ultimate fusion to push vapers to seize the day. The feel good flavor is better than ever in the new Geek Vapes.

6.Mexico Mango - The savory Mango from down south of the border hits different in this remix version from Geek Vape. The refreshing Mexico Mango vape flavor brings it to life with aroma vape puff sessions for Geek fans.

7.Pink Lemonade - A top seller for one of the best Lemonade disposable vape flavors out there in the vaping world. Enjoy the puff taste of Lemonade blended with red fruit E-juice to have your quench your thirst puff. The pink lemonade is refreshing yet a galactic treat for your mouth.

8.Blow Pop - An awesome name for a mouth-watering vape flavor, who wouldnt love a minty tasting Bubble Gum flavor mixed with tropical fruit flavors? Geek fans have been curious about this geek vape flavor that it has performed highly in Geek Bar pulse flavors. If you love chewing flavored gum, you should puff on a real to life tasting vape flavor, Blow Pop.

9.White Gummy Ice - The amazing snack Gummy Candy and fruit Peach has combined forces with s breezy Icy mint to make the ultimate cool down vape flavor for the Geek Bar galaxy. Geek fans rejoice with the up and coming flavor, White Gummy Ice that has recently become popular due to its candy vapor hits.

10.Sour Apple Ice - Need a more tart taste but sweet simultaneously The green apple flavor with a clash of icy mint, comes together with a breezy refreshing after-taste. Change your mood with some sour apple Ice in your life to reawaken your senses. This tops the list of the top selling Geek Bar Pulse flavor in the galaxy.

Pros and Cons for Geek Bar Pulse

-Just look at the Geek Bar Pulse; its attractive and it the visuals hook you in with the large display with the cool graphics. It is next level vape game that vapers will instantly gravitate towards too. Where to find Geek Bar Pulse? At Vape Central Wholesale of course, we strive to offer the best trends in the vaping world and have free shipping and free returns, a must have for your vape shops and online vape store.

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-The Pulse Mode in the Geek Bar Pulse is a huge plus and innovative because you can either keep it on normal mode with a immense 15,000 puff count, or vapers can go full throttle in Pulse Mode and get ultra savory puffs, still at an immense 7,500 puffs. Vapers will rejoice when they try both puff modes.

Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable vape| geek vapes| geek bar vape| geek vape flavors| geek bar b5000
Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable

-Not that many smoke shops, online vape stores and vape distributors have Geek Bar Pulse vapes available as one of their vape supplies, as it is the next big trend in the vaping world. At Vape Central Wholesale, we have all fruit flavors fully stocked and ready to ship for free. If you have any questions, call us at 866-609-6099, we got you covered.

The Verdict
The out of this world Geek Bar Pulse vape is on an ambitious journey to bring their high performing vape disposable to all over our fruit planet, as the high tech vape device has been in vapers radars before its launch date.

Now that it is here, it is a good time to stock up on the trend setting Geek Bar Pulse vapes to offer the newest vapes in the vaping world. This Geek vape is the first ever full screen display with excellent graphics to go along with your vaping sessions. It will sure have vapers asking what it is and where you got that cool looking vape at? The toggle switch to change from Pulse Mode of 7,500 puffs and to 15,000 puffs on normal mode, is the first ever I seen in any disposable vape. The Geek Bar Pulse is an incredible high tech vape that can skyrocket your sales for your vape shops and online vape store. You can find Geek Bar Pulse vapes and all flavors at Vape Central Wholesale, which will be a great investment for your business and satisfy your vaping customers.

Let's embark on this new journey together and embrace the new trend in town. Geek Bar Pulse is sending their rocket to a vape store near you.

Geek meloso mini| geek bar| geek vape| geek bar wholesale|

This little bad boy can deliver the same smooth, rich-flavored vaping experience as its big brother, the Geek Bar Max, while remaining discreet enough to hide in plain sight when you're out and about. Geek Bar has strengthened its disposable line with a vaping device that offers convenience anyplace and delivers amazing, mouthwatering puffs whenever you need a quick break from this ever-demanding world we live in.

Geek Bar Mini 1500 Vape--Small But Mighty

Brandon Podesta

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