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Geek bar lush |Vape central wholesale|Disposable

Ready for the next Geek Bar vape that will have you chasing more clouds than ever? The newest addition to the Geek Bar family is here with the all new Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush 20k, a cyberpunk inspired big puff count disposable vape that comes from the masterminds at Geek Bar labs. Top vape manufacturer, Geek Bar has been on a roll thanks to the popularity of Geek Bar Pulse and GeekBar Meloso that have smash sales records at all vape shops and disposable vape wholesale. Now in 2024, Geek vape has released their anticipated Geek Bar 20k Lush x Digiflavor vape that by first glance, it stands out from the rest of the disposable vapes. This time around, Geek Bar vapes is releasing it under their Digiflavor brand, which have their own exclusive line of vape devices including mod boxes and disposable pens.

Digiflavor's vape line up is out of this world, as this time the Digiflavor team collaborated with Geek Bar and the result is the cyberpunk inspired Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush 20k vape. Where to find Geek Bar Lush 20k x Digiflavor? At Vape Central Wholesale, we are a Geek Bar distributor and we listen to our vape shop and vape wholesale customers when they need the best vape brands. You need it, we got it. We carry Digiflavor Geek Bar Lush vapes as it has immediately became one of our best seller since it launched. Call us to create a wholesale account and let's create a long-lasting partnership together.


Feast your eyes vapers on the awesome cyberpunk-esque designed vape for the GeekBar Lush 20k x Digiflavor. Geek Bar vapes has stepped into the high puff count arena with a massive 20,000 hits for their new geek vape. Vapers will cloud chase for days on the new Geek Bar Lush vape, as they have introduced a new feature to boost its performance. Geek Bar Lush 20k vape newest innovation is the big cloud hitting Dynamic Mode and Normal Mode. Dynamic Mode increases the ability to exhale larger clouds for the vaping aficionado. To activate the Dynamic Mode, you can switch the toggle under the vape device and it gives vapers nothing but monster hits to take in like a vaping champ. The Dynamic Mode pumps up the volume, thanks to its new dual core technology, boosting vaping performance up to a whopping 220%!

If you want to conserve and make your Geek Bar Lush x Digiflavor last longer, then you can switch the toggle to Normal Mode which will give you the full 20,000 puff count to never come down from the flavor bliss that the new Geek vape will give you. The quick MTL action is smooth on the Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush thanks to the upgraded Dual Mesh Coil that will consistently give vapers unmatched fruit flavor without any chemical taste. If your brain needs a pick me up boost, the GeekBar Lush 20k comes with 5% nicotine salt to wake up your senses, will help get that extra boost awakening and mental clarity. The new Digi Flavor x GeekBar Lush 20k is a vape device that is perfect for the long haul with a long lasting 820 mAh rechargeable battery and a Type-C input to plug in your charging cable. And yes, it does a full charge incredibly fast in about 20 minutes.


GeekBar Lush vapes added another feature to make sure vapers keep inhaling its pure vape oil without any weird tasting chemicals. Do not ever worry about losing the flavor aroma with the new feature S6 Flavor Guardian protects the loss of flavor to ensure vapers never taste any burnt oil as this added protection to Geek Bar Lush guards your health from inhaling unwanted aroma. The way it works is that the S6 Guardian activates when inhaling the vape device within 6 seconds to make sure you only hit nothing but safe puff clouds that protect your health. Geek Bar vapers are now guardians of the vapers.


The appearance of the Digiflavor x Geek Bar 20k Lush is ultra cool. Geek Bar designed gave it a square box look with one side has artwork of a cyber city of a skyline with futuristic buildings and a shining sun throwing out colorful rays of light with stars in the background, a different city for every flavor. But the other side is where it is special. The most obvious feature from the new GeekBar Lush 20k x Digiflavor is the Mega Screen, which is placed right in front of the Geek vape. Showoff your vibes with a cyberpunk graphics design that will get other vapers notice you hitting big clouds. Once you take a hit from the GeekBar Lush, the mega screens shows a spiral of lighting effects circulating in motion, but once you stop inhaling, it will show a futuristic biker helmet while showing your battery and E-juice capacity status. The future is now.


One that stood out that we tried is the Manlon Twist, a exploding of fruit flavors of Mango and Watermelon that brings total ecstasy to your mouth. This flavor is by far one of the fruitiest flavor tasting vapes out there and vape shop customers will love. Last but not least, is the new flavor trend that we have seen pop up a lot recently is the delicious Berry Bomb. Enjoy mouth watery fruit vape flavors like Strawberries and Blueberries that will re-energize your senses with some fruity explosions. Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush vapes created an amazing array of candy flavors that will bring guaranteed returns to your vape shop and online vape store.

Geek bar lush |Vape central wholesale|Disposable

Available Flavors at Vape Central Wholesale

-Banana Coconut
-Berry Bomb
-Blue Razz Ice
-Blueberry Fab
-Cool Mint
-Green Desert
-Manlon Twist
-Miami Mint
-Raspberry Zing
-Sour Apple Jolly Rancher
-Strawberry Fab
-Strawberry Ice
-Triple Berry Ice
-Watermelon Ice
-White Fusion

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Geek bar lush |Vape central wholesale|Disposable
Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable vape|Geek Bar| Meloso Max| geek bar flavors



-The Digiflavor x GeekBar Lush 20k is one of the most anticipated vape devices to date. Vape shops and vape wholesale distributors have been waiting for a Geek Bar 20k puff count and it came out with great reception. It will catch traction thanks to the Geek Bar Pulse vapes, as it is a higher puff count Geek vape.

-New look, new feeling. This GeekBar Lush 20k vape device is totally different from the Geek Bar Pulse, as it is a bright colored disposable pod that will remind vapers of a small mod boxes. It has that classic yet revamped mod box feeling that us vape testers at Vape Central Wholesale love.

-The new Digi Flavors Player One vape oil are tasty with a nice candy aroma that churns out big clouds thanks to the Dynamic Mode. Some of the best flavors are the Berry Bomb, Manlon Twist, and Sour Apple Jolly Rancher will have you chasing puffs with Dynamic Mode on which is a huge plus for vapers.


-The first launch of the Geek Bar Lush x Digiflavor 20k has been very limited to wholesale vape distributors nationwide. Supply is scarce and hard to find. Where to find Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush 20k? At Vape Central Wholesale we were able to get enough for all our customers. However, it sells fast once it hits our vape supplies shelf as it sells immediately once it is restocked on our online vape distributor store.

-Some vapers might compare the appearance of both Geek Bar Pulse and Geek Bar Lush vapes. Furthermore the Geek Bar Lush 20k vape is bulkier than the Pulse, but it is thanks to the larger prefilled vape oil and it is done by a different team from Geek vape, which is Digiflavor which they didnt work on the Geek Bar Pulse. The Geek Bar 20k vape was made for candy loving vapers who love high puff counts as this is the trend right now selling a lot for vape shops and wholesale vape distributors.


Cyberpunk vibes are are all over the Geek Bar Lush 20k x Digiflavor, a futuristic vaping experience is now available for a vape brand that has been on top of the world since thanks to the much acclaimed success of the Geek Bar Pulse. The team at Digiflavor of Geek Vape, has done a great job in creating a Geek Bar vape device with large puff count of 20,000, offers a collection of savory treats of vape flavors with a candish aroma, and the front display mega screen that makes it look appealing when inhaling vape puffs. The Digiflavor Geek Bar Lush vape has the makings of a top selling vape device at many vape stores and online vape shops, as it is currently in high demand. Due to many vape stores and vape wholesale distributors requesting the Geek Bar Lush 20k vape, it will definitely be a top contender in the vape world for 2024. Where to find Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush 20k? Nowhere but at Vape Central Wholesale is the home of Geek Bar vapes and we include free shipping and free exchange. Get the latest new vapes, sign up for our email newsletter so you can carry the best vapes for your smoke and vape distribution.. Get ready for Geek Bar to take over again. Buckle up, we are going straight to the moon with this one.

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Geek bar Pulse|Vape central wholesale|Disposable
lost mary 15000 turbo| lost mary 15000 puffs| lost mary vape| lost mary wholesale
rodman 9100 puffs| rodman disposable vape| aloha sun

Dennis Rodman may not be the first name you think of when it comes to disposable vapes but he does represent the vape life so well with his free spirit yet championship caliber that he has lived. The 5 time NBA champion has decided to put down the Cigar and create his own signature disposable vape, the Rodman 9100 by Aloha Sun. Rodman brought his A game to the vape game just like he did when he played basketball, a stylish and championship caliber disposable vape just like how he was on the basketball court.


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rabbeats RC10000| rabbeats vape| disposable vape| vape wholesale| vape distributor| disposable vape

"From the masterminds at EB Create, comes the brand new vape RabBeats RC10000, a stylish and sleek looking disposable vape with a huge 10,000 flavorful puffs of vapor heaven. "


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Lost Mary MT turbo| lost mary MT15000 turbo| lost mary disposable| lost mary MT turbo wholesale| lost mary mt review

The long awaited new Lost Mary vape is here at Vape Central Wholesale. Vape Lost Mary like never before, now in Turbo mode with the brand new Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo vape. An extravagant new vape device that offers the best of both worlds; bigger puffs and an appealing pod design from the masterminds of Lost Mary, an extremely popular high quality disposable vape that is trusted by millions of vapers all over the world. A consistent top seller in the vape world, Lost Mary never disappoints with their vape devices, as it is a vape brand sought after by vape shops and disposable vape wholesale that will bring in guaranteed excellent results for your investment.


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