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Rodman 9100 vapes brings It! Grab the Vape with the Champion Pedigree that will make your taste buds go crazy.

Dennis Rodman may not be the first name you think of when it comes to disposable vapes but he does represent the vape life so well with his free spirit yet championship caliber that he has lived. The 5 time NBA champion has decided to put down the Cigar and create his own signature disposable vape, the Rodman 9100 by Aloha Sun. Rodman brought his A game to the vape game just like he did when he played basketball, a stylish and championship caliber disposable vape just like how he was on the basketball court. Where to find Rodman 9100? At Vape Central Wholesale, we bring the A to the game when it comes to disposable pods with world class customer service anytime you need it and free samples whenever you need to try top vape brands that we offer.

Now, if you remember anything about 90's NBA basketball, you'll know that Dennis Rodman was an absolute dawg. Rodman is an Iconic NBA star, with accomplishments that include being a 7x NBA rebounding champion, 2x NBA defensive player of the year, 7x NBA all-defensive first team, and a whopping 11,954 total career Rebounds. Most impressively, Dennis Rodman is an NBA Championship player with five rings from two iconic NBA teams. The 1989 and 1990 with the Detroit Pistons team were known as "The Bad Boys of Basketball" and 2 NBA rings with the ultimate dream team, The Chicago Bulls dynasty in 1996, 1997 and 1998 along with his teammate, the great 'Air' Michael Jordan. Dennis the Menace was a force to be reckoned with off and on the court with the Bulls defense taking on Rodman's aggressive and sometimes outlandish personality.

Now Rodman is taking his championship mentality and free spirit with his new Rodman 9100 vapes by Aloha Sun.Aside from his Hall of Fame accolades and hair styles, Dennis Rodman today can also add another notch to his belt, his new Hall of Fame flavored vapes which he collaborated with well-known vape manufacturer Aloha Sun. Where to find Rodman vape? Here at Vape Central Wholesale we have you covered with Free shipping and Free returns to supply to online vape shops and vape wholesale. Let's take a look at some of the Design features, the Flavor Options of the new Rodman 9100 vapes.

Rodman 9100 Disposable Vape Wholesale


One of the first things that catches attention is the sleek and compact design of the Rodman 9100. Made by the same Vape manufacturer of the Aloha Sun E cig devices, the vape is stylish and effective. It feels comfortable in vapers hand and has a switch toggle on the bottom for adjustable airflow. That being said, I'm an open airflow type of guy so I had my airflow turned to the nonrestrictive setting since I like to puff big clouds when vaping. The battery on the Rodman vape is a 550 mAh rechargeable battery a C port fast charge capability. I recommend charging it up for a good 15-25 minutes at a time for optimum vape puffs. The device contains 16ml of prefilled e-liquid which puts it right around the 9100 puff vape range. The Rdoman Vape has 5% nicotine salt to rebound your day back and go into championship mode focus. The disposable pod design is stylish, with a different color mouthpiece for every flavor which resembles his iconic hair color style that he frequently bleached and dyed when he used to play for the NBA. The Rodman disposable pod casing are all black to keep a low profile whenever you are vaping.

It also comes with a LED display screen which tells you the juice life and battery life status you have left so you're never hitting burnt coils or old juice. Rodman 9100 vapes are part of the recent surge of famous icons who have stepped into the vape arena like boxer Mike Tyson, wrestler Hulk Hogan, rappers 6ix9ine and Snoop Dogg of Death Row. Dennis Rodman today stands alone amongst the celebrity endorsed vapes because of the fantastic vape device manufactured by Aloha Sun, who have repeatedly proven that they know how to make great devices like their Aloha Sun 7000+ Puffs Disposable.


The variety of vape flavor options offered by the Rodman 9100 are awesome. Currently, the Rodman 9100 vape offers 10 different flavors. From the sweeter fruity side like the Peach Berry or Lychee Guava Ice to the more classic and savory like the Cool Mint and VCT Tobacco. Rodman rebounds the flavor with a tasty aftertaste that has no chemical smell. One of my favorite Rodman vape flavors is the Peach Berry disposable vape as I wasn't able to put it down until the device ran out of vape oil. The top selling flavors are the All Star and the Hall of Fame vape flavors, which we usually keep bringing back in stock since they sellout the fastest. Much like Rodman's basketball career, the Rodman 9100 vape is a flashy and solid vape device. The disposable vape gives a smooth draw and a satisfying throat hit that will have vapers loving every puff.



-The Rodman vape design is cool and sleek and made by a reputable Vape

Manufacturer, Aloha Sun. Rodman 9100 is growing exponentially in popularity both in the state of Hawaii and all along the West Coast of the United States

-The Rodman 9100 offers a good amount of different flavor options to serve a largely growing customer base. Rodman is a name that will catch the eye of customers who come looking at vape stores and online vape shops for the next big disposable vape in the industry.


-The Rodman 9100 is a brand new product and will take some time to catch on. It was released a couple of months ago and even though Vapers may be familiar with the Aloha Sun brand. But once purchased, the devices will sell themselves.


We've seen growth in Rodman vapes over the last couple of months in the West coast, Upper East Coast and Midwest vape shops as more vapers are familiar with Dennis Rodman's NBA presence in the past. The cool thing about the Rodman 9100 vape is that he is his own marketing tool since the new disposable vape is attached to the iconic Rodman name, one of the beset defenders in NBA basketball. Customers won't hesitate to ask about it once they see it on the shelves in a local vape shop or wholesale vape.

If you want to tryout the Rodman 9100 disposable vape, please contact us at Vape Central Wholesale and we can you free samples to your vape shop and vape wholesale, so you can try the delicious flavors from Dennis the Menace. All you have to do is head over to our Sign Up page and register on our quick and easy Wholesale account. Once you are approved, you can tryout the Rodman 9100 vape samples, on the house. Just one of the many benefits of being a wholesale account holder with Vape Central Wholesale.

The Rodman 9100 disposable vape by Aloha Sun is definitely worth investing in. It has the 9100 puffs, which is just like his NBA game jersey, #91. It is a great looking iconic design with amazing vape flavors to chase clouds. While there might be other disposable vapes on the market, the Rodman 9100 vapes has been growing in popularity and certainly worth considering bringing into your vape shop and disposable vape wholesale. Feel free to apply for a Wholesale account and you carry the Rodman vape by Aloha Sun, rebound your vape game back in style.

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