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There is something brewing in the air for the vape game in 2024, as vape stores and vape wholesale are looking forward to innovation in the vape world. Step into the new Off Stamp SW9000 vape, powered by Lost Mary.

There is something brewing in the air for the vape game in 2024, as vape stores and vape wholesale are looking forward to innovation in the vape world. Step into the new Off Stamp SW9000 vape, powered by Lost Mary. A stylish, colorful, and chic E cig device that has vapers talking about, already driving the vape world 2024 into full throttle. The Off Stamp SW9000 vape is not just another vape device, it is part disposable pod and part power bank. A disposable pod that powers thru days of non-stop vape puff action without the hassle of recharging when combined with its power bank charging station kit, magnetized or in other words, stamped on together. Most importantly, it is one of the most eco-friendly products in the vape world since the battery is reusable.

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Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Pod By Lost Mary
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The new Lost Mary vape brand, Off-Stamp SW9000 are sold in 2 editions in order to get full function, the Pod edition and Kit edition. It is vital to combine both together so vapers can get a long puff vape life uninterrupted. First, there is the Off Stamp SW9000 Pod, a disposable vape that comes with its prefilled E-juice flavor. Each vape flavor's pod comes in its own color. However, the pod alone is 200 mAh battery but it is not rechargeable unless you attach the Off Stamp power bank. Thats where the essential Off-Stamp SW9000 Kit comes into play. The Kit edition is actually sold together with a disposable pod, but this edition comes with the detachable magnetic power bank of 800 mAh battery power with a Type C charging port, which the color differs from the pod attached to it. How to know your battery status? Off-Stamp vape has a bright 3 color indicator. Color green is max battery charge of 70%-100%, Blue is 30%-69%, and Red is less than 30%.Longer vape life, more vaping puffs. The good news is that the power bank is eco friendly so it is reusable again and again.

Once you snap on, or rather 'stamp on' the disposable pod onto the power bank, it combines a huge 1,000 mAh battery life, that will last vapers many days to chase clouds without recharging a Type-C port. This will help our planet by limiting electronic waste like when vapers run out of juice, they can keep using the power bank when you buy a new Off Stamp pod flavor. I am glad Off Stamp is offering eco friendly products as it is a great way to start reducing battery waste from E cig devices.


The neat thing about the Off Stamp SW9000 vape is that you can mix and match vape device colors between the Pod and the Power Bank charger. For instance, you can charge the Red colored Sour Lush Ice pod with the green colored power bank that comes from the Dragon Strawnana kit, making it a fun vibrant colored disposable pod that vapers and onlookers will love. It is a must for vapers to have at least one power bank as it will save vapers money since just buying the Off Stamp pod along is budget friendly and a feature for a greater cause to be eco friendly.

Never has there been any other vape device where you can customize your own color scheme so here is your chance to capitalize and for your customers to stay interested in one of Lost Mary's most innovative releases in the vape game. Vapers will enjoy a stylish yet custom-made vape of their own while being eco-friendly to the environment to reduce battery waste.

Where to find Off Stamp SW9000 vapes? Vape Central has you covered with a wide selection of best selling E cig brands for your online vape shop and vape wholesale distribution. We know it is crucial to carry the top brands in your online vape shop and vape wholesale, as we focus on the most wanted vapes while saving you money and trust from your customers.


  • Blue Razz Ice
  • California Cherry
  • Cherry Strazz
  • Dragon Strawnana
  • Juicy Peach
  • Miami Mint
  • Sour Lush Gummy
  • Watermelon Ice


The Off-Stamp vape has garnered interest from disposable vapor wholesale and online vape shops because of the new innovative power bank that is used for the Off Stamp pod vape. Vapers can even puff on the Off Stamp vape while having the power bank snapped on. Enjoy your new vape life with longer vape sessions to last you days as you get 9,000 puffs of vaping action due to the prefilled 13 ml vape oil. The disposable vape is not bulky at all, it is small and comfortably easily to grip in the palm of your hand, even when you remove the power bank kit, the pod gets much smaller. Definitely a sneaky small E cig device you can take with you discreetly just about anywhere.

Vapers get a great experience puffing on the Off Stamp vape pod. Comes with a black mouth piece, made of material to avoid dry burn from tasting chemical when the battery is running low. Furthermore, it is also Anti Drip so that there is no leaking vape oil when you have it upside down. Say goodbye to tasting the E-juice in your mouth. Vapers will be up and running with the Off Stamp SW9000 vape pod, as it contains 5% nicotine salt to keep your mind alert and fresh.

Want to see what the ultra sweet looking Off-Stamp SW9000 vape looks like? Check out our Unboxing video on our Vape Central Wholesale social media from YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok so you can see what vapers are raving about. Make sure to subscribe and follow us for the latest vape brands on the planet.


Lost Mary's Off Stamp vapes showoff their evolved E-juice oil with upgraded and new vape flavors to give vapers the ultimate experience in vaping sessions. At the launch of the Off-Stamp SW9000 vape, they released 8 new vape flavors that cloud chasers will love to puff on to keep warm this winter season. These great tasting Off Stamp vapes are a must have for your vape supplies if you are a vape shop or a disposable vape wholesale distributor. At Vape Central Wholesale, we love fruity and sweet flavors. Our favorite Off Stamp vape flavor is the juicy tasting Sour Lush Gummy flavor. It is a perfect combination of sweet and sour gummy candy filled flavor that will have your taste buds thanking you. The puff is rich that will definitely be a bestseller and take vapers on a joy ride in vape clouds.

Another Off Stamp vape flavor to pick up is the delicious Dragon Strawnana flavor, which is a explosion of Dragon fruit, strawberry, and banana altogether. Once you puff, you won't stop, as the aroma is induced in a tasty banana aroma with hints of fruity flavors that will give your lungs happy vibes. Lastly, vapers will love the satisfying Juicy Peach vape flavor, a sweet peach aroma flavor that will knock your socks out. Every vape puff is amazingly good and will be at the top of the list when vapers pick up their Off Stamp vape at online vape stores and E cig shops. We have all the Off Stamp SW9000 flavors available on our Vape Central Wholesale website, sign up for a wholesale account to stock up your online vape shop and vape store with the best selling vape brands.

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-Off Stamp vapes are made by Lost Mary, a high quality vape brand that knows how to make vapes for vapers. Cannot go wrong with anything made by Lost Mary.

-The customization of colors between the Pod and Kit are fun to combine and will never get vapers bored from showing them off and vape puffing all day long.

-The Off Stamp SW9000 is an Eco Friendly disposable vape that protects the environment from trashing too many E cigarettes. This is a responsible way of giving back to mother nature.

-The Off Stamp kit edition comes with a powerful 800 mAh power bank that you can use anytime to connect to your pod of 200 mAh that clocks in 1000 mAh. Stamp on the power bank kit to your pod juice to last you days so vapers can chase the perfect vape session non-stop.

-The Off stamp pod version is budget friendly if you save the power bank from the Kit edition. Vapers will save money buying different fruit flavors as they are affordable when having the power bank around.


-At launch flavors are limited, so for now vapers only have 8 different vape oil pods to choose from, but all are tasty and delicious compared to other vape brands.

-Vapers will need to purchase the Kit edition in order to make the Pod edition work, but only a one-time kit edition is needed. However, some vapers will get bored with just having a one color power bank, but vapers do have the option to customize their Off Stamp pod colors to make things more stylish if they buy different color power banks kits and other flavor pods to make their vape life more interesting.


New vape innovations are going to hit hard for all 2024 and disposable vape wholesale are off to a great start with the incredible tasting and eco-friendly Off Stamp SW9000 vapes. The new vape E-juice tastes amazing to puff in the Off Stamp vapes, since Lost Mary stamped on their signature vape oil in their new Off Stamp Pod with updated vape oil flavors. The Off-Stamp is an amazing looking disposable vape to add to your vape supplies in your online vape shop and disposable vape distribution. Save time to recharge, as the long-lasting power bank will let vapers keep puffing while the power bank is snapped into the Pod. Puff away all the clouds you want while your power bank is magnetized onto your pod with its huge 1000 mAh battery to make your vape life more convenient.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we know the Off-Stamp 9000 vape device will do great for disposable vape wholesale and online vape stores. It is a convenient and reliable E cig device that comes from a reputable vape manufacturer. With its appealing stylish mix and match color scheme, it will catch other vapers attention to try it out. So far since its release, we have received great feedback from vape shop customers who got first dibs on the Off Stamp SW9000 vapes.

Our Vape Central wholesale customers have given us their full confidence in supplying them only the best vape brands in the vape world, so why not you also give us a try if you haven't yet. If you are ready to partner up with Vape Central and you want to see fast growth in your vapor wholesale and online vape store, we got you covered. The Off Stamp SW9000 by Lost Mary vapes are the future and gets our stamp of approval. Get ready to put your stamp in the game this year.


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