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Top Selling Flavors for Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 Vapes

Looking for the best-selling Geek Bar vape flavors to offer to your customers? Vape geeks look no further, the Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 is here to have vapers coming back for more sweet rich vape puffs.

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Looking for the best-selling Geek Bar vape flavors to offer to your customers?
Vape geeks look no further, the Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 is here to have vapers coming back for more sweet rich vape puffs. These premium geek vapes offer an array of fruity mouth-watering flavors to vape puff on, which will be sure to become a vape favorite for your customers looking for their new vape disposable. Geek Bar Meloso vapes offer a sleek colorful design and a state of the art device with an anti-leak mouth piece. As well as an adjustable airflow to ensure a customized vaping experience.
While the new Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 is still fresh in the vaping market, the people from Geek Bar have come up with an ultra cool looking disposable pod that comes packed with some of the sweetest E-juice out there in the vape world. For vape shops, online vape stores and vape distributors looking to add proven selling geek vape flavors to their product line, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered. Let's take a look at our top ten bestsellers for Geek Bar Meloso Max and see all they offer to geek fans.

Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable vape |Geek Bar| Meloso Max 9000
Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable vape |Geek Bar| Meloso Max
Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable vape |Geek Bar| Meloso Max| geek bar wholesale| meloso

10. Fuji Melon Ice: Perfect for the geek fan spending a scorching day at the beach or a long day at the golf course. The Fuji melon ice gives icy notes with a sophisticated melon blend that will be sure to cool you off. Once you puff this geek bar flavor, you won't want to stop.

9. Strawberry Watermelon: When you pair two of the top flavors in any disposable vape, it's bound to catch any vapers eye. The strawberry watermelon Geek bar flavor brings you the best of both worlds while still being subtle enough to taste both flavors.

8. Ginger Ale: Ever heard of a Moscow mule? For people who dig on subtle but sophisticated flavors, Geek Bar brought you a cocktail you can vape. (No pairing necessary but it cant hurt to double up with the famous cocktail.)

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7. Peach Ice: We can't talk about the world of vaping without mentioning an all-time vaper favorite. There's not much to say about Peach Ice other than it gives a good puff! (Give me a Pina Colada and a Peach Ice geek bar vape to make me feel like I'm on a forever vacation)

6. Coconut Shake: Have you heard about the Coconut shake vape flavor? No, it's not a viral Tik Tok dance but one of the top flavors Geek Bar vapes has to offer. The wonderful notes of Coconut flavor will remind you of that vacation in Puerto Vallarta (when you got that tattoo. You know the one we can't bring up around you know who.)

5. Nectarine: It has to be good, right? A juicy fruit close to peach, mixed up with oranges. Bring on the sweet and citrus blend that is the Nectarine flavor Geek Bar vape. The icy notes tie this fruity flavor all together, making it the perfect geek vape for any season.

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4. Meta Moon: The most diverse flavor profile, this Sweet blend of flavors in this one will have you over the moon. With the mixture of Blueberries, Strawberries, Cantaloupe and Watermelon, the Meta Moon flavor offers you the sweet disposition to get through the long weekend with your in-laws.

3.Columbian Coffee Ice: It's like vaping your morning cup of Joe while getting the nice icy throat feel that only this vape flavor can give. Once you wake up and vape your Geek bar you'll be chasing that feeling of alertness the rest of the day. (Pair with an excellent muffin or a donut from your local store and as always...more coffee!)

2.Apple Sunrise: This vape flavor has all the best fruits; Apple, Pear and my personal favorite, Pineapple. The only words that come to my mind are fresh and fruity. It's a sweet citrusy blend that will have people around you asking for a puff.

1. Purple haze: If you're anything like me, you love a good grape flavor but adding oranges to this is just bananas. Don't be fooled by the cool name, this vape packs a punch to your taste-buds and it's a unique flavor vape profile. If the legendary Jimi Hendrix vaped, this would be his go to.

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Get Geeked with Brand New Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 vape flavors to take your vaping game to the next level. Geek Bar vapes has launched new fruit flavored dispos for your lungs and taste buds to appreciate, offering 6 new delicious flavors to choose from. Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 have again delivered captivating sweet flavors for vapers to indulge in. Now Available for all vape shops, online vape stores, and vape distributors to add onto their vape supplies.


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Smok Spaceman 10k Pro takes off into the space of disposable pods, as it just launched a rocket into the vaping universe. Smok is one of the vaping pioneers that has always launched many game changing vape devices over the last decade. The reputable vape company Smok vape has a new high performing vape device will sure turn vapers on to try their new SpaceMan vape that will excite the vaping community. Smok Spaceman vape has taken a giant leap into the disposable vape game and we are all here for it.


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This little bad boy can deliver the same smooth, rich-flavored vaping experience as its big brother, the Geek Bar Max, while remaining discreet enough to hide in plain sight when you're out and about. Geek Bar has strengthened its disposable line with a vaping device that offers convenience anyplace and delivers amazing, mouthwatering puffs whenever you need a quick break from this ever-demanding world we live in. Dive into the world of the Geek Bar Mini that fits right in the palm of your hands.

Geek Bar Mini 1500 Vape--Small But Mighty

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