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  1. ORION BAR 7500 – They look good, and they hit good. Showoff your vape in style with the Orion Bar 7500! These awesome and cool looking disposable vapes will get people curious to get a taste. You will be proud to show Orion off when your either out of town or you are in-town with new and old friends when you’re out and about.

Recommended flavors: Summer Peach Ice & Cool Mint

 Vape Central Wholesale | OrionBar 7500 | Disposable

  1. EVO BAR BLACK EDITION ET5000 – It is true, another out of this world disposable does exist! Summer nights are full of bright stars and the Evo Bar will keep up with your adventures in town. With its high-quality mesh coil that rivals the reputable BC5000, it will last you many nights without a miss. Don’t let the murdered-out version of this EVO bad boy fool you, the improved flavors will make you never come down!

Recommended Flavors: Blue Razz Ice & Apple Cider

Vape Central Wholesale | Evobar | Disposable


  1. ELF BAR BC5000 ULTRA – When BC5000 transformed into Ultra, the world took notice! Elf Bar Ultra made its competitors upgrade their own disposables to keep up to date. The classic Elf Bar flavors are all in there but better tasting than ever. Along with a longer puff count to keep you relaxed on a hot summer night. Ultra improved its mesh coil beyond the BC5000 and the stylish sleek design will catch many eyes this summer. Want to have a nicotine free Summer, try Elf Bar BC5000 ZERO.

Recommended Flavors: Watermelon Ice & Tropical Rainbow Blast

Vape Central Wholesale | Disposable

  1. LOST MARY MO5000 – When something so good is called Lost Mary, the way it tastes when you take puffs, will make you not want to be found this summer. Enjoy the minty sensations of a world known disposable that has many Lost Fans waiting to vape when they want to get away from it all in this coming heat wave. Get lost with your friends this summer and make sure to take Lost Mary with you.

Recommended Flavors: Watermelon Cherry & Citrus Sunrise

Vape Central Wholesale | Disposable | Mo5000 |LostMary


  1. DRAG BAR B5000 – It is not a clone; it is the real deal that will make its competitors notice. The low priced but high-quality disposable packs a delicious puff that will make vape connoisseurs want more. Fresh modern design with a twist will intrigue many onlookers to check out what you’re vaping on this Summer.

Recommended Flavors: Strawberry Ice Cream & Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Vape Central Wholesale| Dragbar |Disposable


  1. FUNKY REPUBLIC Ti7000 – The world has changed and its funkier than ever. The mega 7000 puffs disposable device will last you a long summertime that it will not take days off. Extremely durable and futuristic looking power screen display will make it your most reliable vape in those beach nights out with friends!

Recommended Flavors: Rainbow Cloudz & Cantaloupe Apple

Vape Central Wholesale| Funky republic Ti7000 |Disposable

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This blog is solid. Looking forward to receiving my disposables that I ordered.
Keep up the good work!


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