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The Evolution Of the Modern Disposable Vape

With the twenty-year anniversary of the first disposable vapes coming up, us here at Vape Central Wholesale decided now would be the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane to learn how we got to where we are today.

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 It’s no secret that disposable vapes have taken the market by storm. Disposable vapes have gone through quite the evolution since first hitting the market. The history of disposable vapes is quite the ride with many twists and turns marked by innovation and adaptation to changing flavor preferences and regulations. Gone are the days of buying cotton packs for dripping liquid on your RDA’s or coil building in general. Now for those people who do still build their own mods I respect your passion and your craft, you’re a better man than I am. This blog might not win me any popularity contests but the one thing I will do is tell you the truth. Most consumers nowadays want compact convenience with popular flavors and devices. Let's dive in shall we?

The Birth of the Cigalike

I grew up in a family of casual cigarette smokers. Nothing crazy, no one was going through a pack a day or covering themselves neck deep in nicotine patches but the hankering for nicotine was always there. I remember the first disposable vape I ever saw was a cigar-like back in the early days of 2012. Which my mom bought as an attempt to wean herself off of her VA slims. It looked exactly like a cigarette in both size and shape and produced a pretty good amount of smoke.

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The first generation of cigar-likes came pre-filled with e-liquid and a disposable, non-rechargeable battery. These were a good option for smokers looking to transition to vaping. However, these devices weren’t quite up to snuff when it came to flavor options or the customization of airflow in the device. As a result, they gradually gave way to more sophisticated disposable devices. Which leads us to the next generation of vaping, The Pod system.

This next generation of vaping revolutionized the game. The pod system prevailed in all the ways that the cigar-like couldn’t. These open system e-cigs or pod vapes allowed vapers to customize their vaping experience by flavor and in many cases the amount of smoke the vapor received. These systems are reusable and refillable but going into a smoke shop to ask for a specific coil or sub ohm battery which hasn’t been made in 5 years doesn’t exactly inspire one to pick up the newest devices all the time.

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

A new twist to classic flavors

The new BC5000 vape has made a flawless vape with plenty of classic flavors and new flavor E-juice blends to choose from. The fruit flavor line-up is immense, with up to 40 different flavors tastes available for all vapor connoisseurs to explore. Now you can dive deeper into a new EB Create vape world with classic flavors for the perfect vape to indulge in.

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate WholesaleEBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

EB Create's new dual mesh coil activates a fast draw, delivering consistent amazing taste puff after puff. My new favorite flavor from the BC5000 vape is the Tropical Rinbo, embracing the snack favorite candy bean aroma sweet taste. Don't be fooled by the spelling of the flavor name; you will feel the taste of the famous candy treat that will elevate your mood and enhanced relaxation. Another new popular EB vape flavor that is trending with our customers is the Snoow Ice, a flavor that once you take a puff, it will make you reminisce a taste of the exotic flavor snowflake ice treat. It gives you a delightful ice cream taste when you puff away the E-clouds with an aroma of snowflake ice treat left behind in your mouth, a flawless vape hit made in heaven. A classic vape flavor that was brought back is the fan favorite, Clear. This EB vape flavor is super minty, leaving your mouth with a refreshing aftertaste to enjoy. Gives BC5000 vape aficionados the perfect vape hit of minty flavors as it will remove your morning breath with a breeze of minty freshness.

-The EB Create BC5000 is still a recognizable name in the vape world. Since the new launch of the EB Create vape, it has become one of our top seller in a short period of time and will be beneficial to have in your vape warehouse.
-Over 40 flavors of classic, remix, and brand new varieties that will want to make EB vape fans try them all. A great job EB created in their vape lab on executing many delicious tastes that will make vapers rejoice. 

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

-The EB vape comes in a new design and packaging that is as presentable as the original BC5000 vape classic with a fresh look, giving vapers a reminder of where the new EB vapes comes from and is easily recognizable when they see the BC5000 vape display box at vape shops. If you need new vape supplies of the EB Create, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered.

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There are still some vape shops that don't have new EB Vapes stocked in their vape warehouse. The new BC5000 might still not be part of their vaping supplies because they are unaware about the new brand renaming, as it is still spreading nationwide. But it will gain traction once the vapor world know who they really are. The puff count of 5,000 is a good amount but not as high as newer vape disposables in the vape world. However, I am sure EB Create BC5000 vapes will catch up in no time while they are reintroducing their bread and butter disposable vape.

The Verdict:

EB Create has done a magnificent job in recreating their BC5000 vape by bringing it back to vape shops, and they should definitely add it into their vape warehouse since it is the gold standard in the vape world. EB Create have improved their flawless vape with newer dual mesh coils to enhance their draw action, new delicious flavors, and a new sleeker appearance that makes it the perfect vape.

Once vape shops, the vape distributor, and vapers have a full grasp of who EB Create is, once they try out the BC5000 pod; they will recognize the popular vape brand and recreate the same demand they had when the first original disposable vape first hit the vape world. It is a solid investment to be one of the first to carry the EB Create BC5000 vapes since not many vape shops and vaping supplies centers are aware of the new branding and are underestimating how amazing the new EB Create vape really is.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we want to stock your vape warehouse so everyone can have the chance to carry the new perfect vape in your vape store while everyone is still sleeping on it. The future is bright for EB Create BC5000 vapes.

Sorry sir, no electronic cigarettes are allowed inside this concert venue.”

I’ve lost a couple of different Pod systems to employees of the month at security checkpoints.

So here we are, the final frontier of today. The modern disposable vape, which has taken on a whole new life of its own.

The Modern Vapes offered at Vape Central Wholesale are  to hand-picked to offer the highest satisfaction for consumers.

“Sorry sir, no electronic cigarettes are allowed inside this concert venue.”

Even the state of the art Vapresso Max pod system (which I own) has its drawbacks. There's quite often a little bit of leakage when it comes to the pods. If I take the device with me on an airplane I often lose half of the liquid, (due to the change in altitude I guess?). While the investment in the long run does save you money on your vaping habit, nothing is worse than losing your pod system or being told,

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Disposable vapes now offer varieties of flavors, airflows, nicotine strengths and possibly the most important metric The Puff Count. Users can choose from fruit, dessert, menthol, and tobacco flavors, among others.

You won't find a more portable vape than the modern disposable.

Something like the Geek Bar Mini is so compact and lightweight that it’s almost like a fashion accessory. These bad boys fit comfortably in your pocket and purses allowing vapors to enjoy the flavors wherever they go.

Another advantage offered is that these vapes require zero maintenance. Pod system vaping devices often require regular cleaning and maintenance, while disposable vapes are maintenance-free. Just buy, puff then simply dispose of them when they're empty or the battery runs out. Plus you won't feel bad when a TSA agent makes you toss your device before boarding.

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The Evolution of Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are available in various nicotine strengths, catering to those looking to quit smoking or reduce their nicotine intake gradually.

The evolution of the modern vape has also led to the gradual rising of the Puff Count. One of the most impressive devices is the spaceman 10k puff by smok. Which combines the ease of use of a disposable with the quality device of a proven company like smok.

The evolution of disposable vapes from cigalikes to advanced, customizable devices is a testament to the vaping industry's commitment to meeting the needs and preferences of consumers. These modern marvels have become a popular choice for both smokers looking to quit and experienced vapers seeking convenience and portability. As technology continues to advance and regulations evolve, we can only expect further innovations in the world of disposable vapes, providing even more options and choices for vapers worldwide.

spaceman 10k| disposable vape| smok| smok vape|spaceman vape review

Smok Spaceman 10k Pro takes off into the space of disposable pods, as it just launched a rocket into the vaping universe. Smok is one of the vaping pioneers that has always launched many game changing vape devices over the last decade. The reputable vape company Smok vape has a new high performing vape device will sure turn vapers on to try their new SpaceMan vape that will excite the vaping community.


Brandon Podesta

The former boxing heavyweight champion of the world, now a Hollywood celebrity and podcaster, has entered the vaping arena with a top-notch disposable that represents him as he did in the ring: a high performer, competitive, and hard-hitting, ready to knock you out into a refreshing, flavorful puff with the feeling of maximum relaxation.

Tyson 2.0 Heavy Weight Review--The Baddest Vape on the Planet

Brandon Podesta


It is part of the EB Create family whom make one the best disposable vapes in the vaping world. The Funky Republic vape brand has gone frozen with all new icy flavors with bursts of mint that will leave your mouth feeling breezy that it added to its vape devices, has caught wind in the vaping world. This time around, the upgraded disposable E-cig Funky Republic Ti7000 Frozen Edition has come out swinging with an all new vibrant colorful design and an advanced Quaq technology coil that will make your last summer days feel frozen after every delicious vape hit.

FUNKY REPUBLIC Ti7000 Frozen edition Review

Brandon Podesta


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