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Hawaiian Adventure with Vape Central

It was an exciting trip and I met many wonderful Hawaiians, a trip I would cherish and made me understand the Vape scene in the beautiful islands and their passion for vaping.

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Discovering Oahu's Vape Culture in Hawaii

The allure of Hawaii transcends its sun-kissed beaches and rhythmic dances. As I ventured into the world of vaping on the scenic Oahu Island, I uncovered an enthusiastic vape culture thriving with the feels of laid-back Hawaiian vibes. It was an exciting trip and I met many wonderful Hawaiians, a trip I would cherish and made me understand the Vape scene in the beautiful islands and their passion for vaping.

Paradise Weather, Serene Vapes

Upon landing on Oahu, I felt the warm island climate immediately with an ambiance that overcame with relaxation. Hawaii, with its chilled out vibes, felt like their weather is made for vaping. Whether it was walking through a tourist crowded street or lounging and eating by the breathtaking sea, E-clouds of vapor was never too far away from me. It didn't take me long to realize: Hawaii is a vaper's paradise.

Vape Lifestyle, the Hawaiian way

This past summer, my manager and I visited our customers' vape shops on the island of Oahu, getting to know our smoke shop friends and their vaping needs, and it was a delight to meet them and their families in person. My customers were super friendly and they all made me feel right at home. Some of our vape store customers treated us with some of the best delicious Japanese food I ever had. I still remember the sweet and fresh taste of the oyster that we ate. It was so delicious. All I wanted after that meal was a great tasting flavor vape that could be as good as a dessert. Talking about desserts, we also tried traditional Japanese Mochi with soybean powder. It was an incredible tasting dessert and I hope we can have a vape flavor of that one day.

As our group took a nice stroll down the streets of Oahu, you will easily notice the crowds of tourists puffing on their favorite disposables, vapers were in strong force which I loved. The sight of Oahu felt so romantic: waves crashing, the sun setting down, and the air filled with the soothing aroma of vape flavors. Brands like Lost Mary, Orion Bar, Geek Bar, and the local favorite Aloha Sun, dominated the outdoor scene.

Despite the upcoming Hawaiian vaping challenges for next year, like the potential taxes on disposable vapes. Our commitment to our valuable customers remains undeterred. We're here for the long haul, ensuring they get only the best services and vape products that the vaping world has to offer.


3 Vape Brands that Go Just Right With Hawaii

1.Lost Mary: The longest top selling vape brand in the US mainland, Lost Mary vapes is also the most popular disposable vape in Hawaii. The Lost Mary OS5000 and Lost Mary MO5000 are famous for their high quality made vapes and wide array of delicious fruit flavors, like the special Frozen and Luster editions. But it seems they are popular in Hawaii because it's a paradise destination and many people like to go there to get lost for their wedding honeymoon. Hopefully, I could have my wedding on this Lost Mary island one day. Its most sought-after flavor, Lost Mary MO5000 Yummy (or now known as Gami) has a juicy candy taste of Gummy Bears that you feel the taste when you puff on it. This Lost Mary flavor would be a great wedding gift for my guests when I get married. For a deeper dive into Lost Mary vapes, check out our blog.


3.Geek Bar: Their recent releases, Meloso Mini and Max, have made big waves in the vaping world. Grabbing everyone’s interest, these products bring both quality and visual appeal to the table. The Geek Bar Mini vapes, in particular, is a masterpiece to look at, as it is incredibly compact and cute, making me think of it as a Barbie vape! I carried around this vape in Hawaii for me and my customers. Liked it because it totally fit my summer outfits I wore on the beautiful island. Geek Bar Mini vapes are Ideal for vapers that like a fancy vape device or those that like a quick change in vape flavors without many puffs like the Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000. Lastly, my customers told me they love the Geek Bar Meloso Max because how fruity it taste like, it is a much inducing aroma vape that embraces the Hawaiian's love for tropical fruits. For more on Geek Bar vapes, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered, head over to our blog.

Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape Wholesale

2. Aloha Sun: The essence of Hawaii encapsulated in a vape. The Aloha Sun vapes appeal might lie in its name, resonating with the quintessential "Aloha spirit" that tourists feel all around the beautiful island. With an intriguing choice of quirky flavor names like "Daddy Chill" and "Ocean Sonics", it’s hard not to be curious how these vape flavors taste like. Their Ube fruit flavor stands out, a signature taste that Hawaiians adore in their food snacks. My favorite Aloha Sun vape flavor? Daddy Chill – it’s the breath of minty freshness you need on a sunlit beach. Hawaiian vapers love to chill to the ocean breeze and take a nice vape puff.

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Hawaiian Adventure with Vape Central

Wrapping It Up

Oahu offered more than amazing panoramic landscapes. It presented a canvas of a vibrant vaping culture, flavored with the locals' welcoming charm on an island that's driven by high quality vape brands. As we expand our vape products, this memorable trip inspired me to help my customers more so they can carry the perfect vape brands for their vape stores and customers. We’re excited to bring a piece of Hawaii to our customers.

Until next time, keep vaping and aloha! 🌺🌴?



   Mia Zhou





Hawaiian Adventure with Vape Central

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