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Geek Bar SkyView |Vape central wholesale|disposable

Enjoy the skyview with the newest Geek to hit the streets! Enter Geek Bar Skyview 25k vape, a gorgeous disposable e-cig that has been introduced from the makers of the best seller Geek Bar Pulse. A fun yet highly powered vape device that hits a whopping 25000 puffs of power, the ultra chic Geek Bar Skyview vape is a sight to behold with its large screen display, the new 3 puff mode feature, and all new design by Geek Bar and out of this world fruity flavors that will blow every vapers mind.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we are one of the first distributors to carry this sensational new little beast that will make vapers come for more at their local vape shops for one of the coolest disposable vapes yet. We are a trusted vape supplier, as we are a Geek Bar distributor that carries the latest E-cig devices from one of the most important manufacturers in vaping devices. Lets go full throttle with the new Geek Bar Sky View 25000 that caught the vape game by surprise!

Geek Bar SkyView |Vape central wholesale|disposable


Who doesn't like a luxurious skyview while sitting at the top of the world, as Geek Bar is sitting pretty with its successful line up of disposable pods like Geek Bar Pulse 15k and Geek Bar Pulse X 25k vapes. First look of the new Geek Bar Skyview 25k is a vibrant colorful vape device with a dark front display screen that lights up the room once vapers take a sweet puff of its wide mouthpiece. Witness the pulse activation, as once you hit it, see the animation graphic of the lighting charged spinning sphere, showing the full force of the geek side. Get geeked out with the awesome new screen display, as Geek Bar has once again raised the bar on the future of vape disposables with a ultra chic new look. Once you finish your vape puff, vapers get to know their battery status and E juice capacity in bright fonts. The new Skyview will have other vapers want a piece of this geek.


The launch of the new Geek Bar Skyview 25000 comes with their first ever 3 puff mode feature. Activate your puff mood with just a press of the button. The 3 new puffs modes are Pulse Mode, Soft Mode, and Norm mode. Moreover, Geek Bars very own Pulse Mode activates a highly powered 25 watts of power to flex your lungs with unrestricted vape hits to chase big clouds to give vapers the ability to create smoke tricks like ring clouds and tornadoes.

Vape for fun on Normal mode with 18 watts of joy. This is a chillaxed mode where you vape a mid restricted air flow that will ease your lungs with a heavy but not light hit of cloud joy. It is a great way to enjoy the skyview at night with your friends while puffing on the new Geek Bar vape. For the discreet vape, enjoy the full 25000 puff count on Soft mode, which eases down to 12 watts of laid back hits with a restricted air flow to stay low key when out and about. The new Geek Bar Skyview 25k vape is an e-cig device that is for anyone that wants to re energize their long day work or to keep up with when hitting the streets with the crew to wake up their senses and go do it again.

GEEK BAR SkyView 25k Wholesale In Stock


The highly decorated Geek Bar brand launched a beautiful looking vape device to hold up on its own. A first glance at the Geek Bar Skyview 25000 vape and it will attract vapers eyes with its appearance, a glossy finish 2 tone color scheme that will sure grab every vaper's attention. This bright colored vape disposable pod will make vapers be proud to hold it comfortably in their hands, as they puff high quality vape flavors. In true geek fashion, the back side of the Skyview vape device shows a sunsetting star with sun rays around it and below reads its engraving slogan, a star is born.

The stand out Geek Bar Sky view vape goes full throttle on the pedal, as this bad boy recharges at light speed with its mAh battery that fully charges in less than 30 minutes while having it hooked up on its C-port. Also beneath the vape device, right next to the charging C-port is the airflow toggle switch to free up more air or restrict the flow, as vapers have total control of their vape puffs.

Enjoy the freedom of not having to fill up the vape oil, as it comes with a prefilled ml of vape oil that will never leak or spill onto its beautiful display screen. Awaken the force with 5% of nicotine salt, a definite pick me upper ingredient that will keep you on your feet to keep going, or lay back on the beach with friends while puffing relaxed puff hits, a perfect nic salt level that will taste amazing yet refresh your mind.


The next level of geek vape flavors are here, following the tradition of some great vape flavors from the Geek Bar lab, the new flavor selection has again come with intriguing new names and some classic flavors are back remixed. Let's get in the mix with what our Vape Central vape testers are fcuking vaping on and have hit us back with some great fcuking feedback.

Geek Bar SkyView |sky walker|Vape central wholesale|disposable
Geek Bar SkyView |sky walker|Vape central wholesale|disposable
Geek Bar SkyView |sky walker|Vape central wholesale|disposable
Geek Bar SkyView |Blackberry Fcuking fab|Vape central wholesale|disposable

SKY WALKER - The force is strong on this one, the Skywalker a high sweetness factor with a smooth aroma. Walk the sky on this fruit juice flavor fused with ice cream flavors like vanilla and peppermint. It will lightspeed your brain once you puff on this taste sweet vape. This fruit candy dessert truly deserves the name Sky Walker and a favorite from our Vape Central vape testers.

TWISTED B-POP - Due to popular demand, Geek Bars B-Pop flavor series is back in a major twisted way. The Blow Pop is an explosion of candy treat flavors with a tangy taste that will help stay the aroma longer in your mouth. The Twisted B-pop comes in a blend of candies that will make your head pop and never stop.

TRIPLE BERRY - Enjoy an explosion of berries in your lungs with the ultimate blend of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries as they triple team on this fruity aroma vape. This 3 way blend is popular with our vape testers, as the fruit flavors are close to home in vaping form to get intoxicated on this ripe tasting fruit flavor.

BLACKBERRY FCUKING FAB - There cannot be a good time with a fcuking fab in the new Geek Bar vapes. Have a great fcuking time with its latest entry, the juicy Blackberry Fcuking Fab, a incredibly delicious tasting black berry juice with a soothing aroma to awaken the force. Incredibly sweet yet sour, it packs a punch for those who want to have a good fcuking time.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we released the Geek Bar SkyView 25k vapes with the whole 15 vape flavor line up. We restock weekly on all Geek Bar vape brands, as we are a reliable and trusted Geek Bar distributor that can bring in the heat for your vape shop and online vape store.


The new 25k series of Geek bar has only been introduced to vapors for a couple weeks and we have already received so many inquiries about this new geek vape. If you want to see a different skyview of 25k geek vape, the skyview is your choice to start your geek journey. Geek Bar has other great vape devices like the Geek Bar Pulse X 25k which is a gorgeous looking disposable. For the Geek Bar Skyview, it gives you 3 puff modes and puts up to 25 watts. Both are great choices, but the Geek Bar Skyview is the next evolution in 25,000 puff hits game. The all new animated display screen is nice and a glossy finish makes it stand out. At Vape Central Wholesale, we carry all 15 flavors of the new Geek Bar Skyview 25k vape along with free shipping and free returns. Your customers will thank you, especially your investment. Go and sign up for an account to get your Geek Bar Skyview 25k vapes and start booming your business.

Geek Bar SkyView |sky walker|Vape central wholesale|disposable
Geek Bar SkyView |sky walker|Vape central wholesale|disposable
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

A new twist to classic flavors

The new BC5000 vape has made a flawless vape with plenty of classic flavors and new flavor E-juice blends to choose from. The fruit flavor line-up is immense, with up to 40 different flavors tastes available for all vapor connoisseurs to explore. Now you can dive deeper into a new EB Create vape world with classic flavors for the perfect vape to indulge in.

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate WholesaleEBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

EB Create's new dual mesh coil activates a fast draw, delivering consistent amazing taste puff after puff. My new favorite flavor from the BC5000 vape is the Tropical Rinbo, embracing the snack favorite candy bean aroma sweet taste. Don't be fooled by the spelling of the flavor name; you will feel the taste of the famous candy treat that will elevate your mood and enhanced relaxation. Another new popular EB vape flavor that is trending with our customers is the Snoow Ice, a flavor that once you take a puff, it will make you reminisce a taste of the exotic flavor snowflake ice treat. It gives you a delightful ice cream taste when you puff away the E-clouds with an aroma of snowflake ice treat left behind in your mouth, a flawless vape hit made in heaven. A classic vape flavor that was brought back is the fan favorite, Clear. This EB vape flavor is super minty, leaving your mouth with a refreshing aftertaste to enjoy. Gives BC5000 vape aficionados the perfect vape hit of minty flavors as it will remove your morning breath with a breeze of minty freshness.

-The EB Create BC5000 is still a recognizable name in the vape world. Since the new launch of the EB Create vape, it has become one of our top seller in a short period of time and will be beneficial to have in your vape warehouse.
-Over 40 flavors of classic, remix, and brand new varieties that will want to make EB vape fans try them all. A great job EB created in their vape lab on executing many delicious tastes that will make vapers rejoice. 

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

-The EB vape comes in a new design and packaging that is as presentable as the original BC5000 vape classic with a fresh look, giving vapers a reminder of where the new EB vapes comes from and is easily recognizable when they see the BC5000 vape display box at vape shops. If you need new vape supplies of the EB Create, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered.

Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable |Geek Bar| Meloso Max


There are still some vape shops that don't have new EB Vapes stocked in their vape warehouse. The new BC5000 might still not be part of their vaping supplies because they are unaware about the new brand renaming, as it is still spreading nationwide. But it will gain traction once the vapor world know who they really are. The puff count of 5,000 is a good amount but not as high as newer vape disposables in the vape world. However, I am sure EB Create BC5000 vapes will catch up in no time while they are reintroducing their bread and butter disposable vape.

The Verdict:

EB Create has done a magnificent job in recreating their BC5000 vape by bringing it back to vape shops, and they should definitely add it into their vape warehouse since it is the gold standard in the vape world. EB Create have improved their flawless vape with newer dual mesh coils to enhance their draw action, new delicious flavors, and a new sleeker appearance that makes it the perfect vape.

Once vape shops, the vape distributor, and vapers have a full grasp of who EB Create is, once they try out the BC5000 pod; they will recognize the popular vape brand and recreate the same demand they had when the first original disposable vape first hit the vape world. It is a solid investment to be one of the first to carry the EB Create BC5000 vapes since not many vape shops and vaping supplies centers are aware of the new branding and are underestimating how amazing the new EB Create vape really is.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we want to stock your vape warehouse so everyone can have the chance to carry the new perfect vape in your vape store while everyone is still sleeping on it. The future is bright for EB Create BC5000 vapes.



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