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Geek Bar Lush x DigiFlavor, the 20k puff game just escalated

Vape Central Wholesale|GEEK BAR DIGIFLAVOR LUSH 20K|Disposable

In the past few months, Geek Bar Pulse has been “the must have vape” that is loved by vapers all over the world. The large puff count, futuristic design and LED screen are the identical features that Geek Bar Pulse make Vapers proud of chasing clouds on. Now, the fun game just escalated! Introducing DigiFlavor x Geek Bar Lush 20k. Enter a new 20k puff disposable vape that comes with a cyber punk inspired design, that is on its way to vapers that enjoy Geek Vape brands. How is this disposable vape going to change the vape wholesale game? And how is a vape distributor like Vape Central Wholesale going to go about it? Hop on the train and dive right into the world of Digiflavor Geek Bar Lush with Cia! We will hate to see you miss the new disposable vape trend!

Let’s take a closer look at the Geek Bar Lush first.

Mega Screen, Mega technology.

If you are a fan of geek bar pulse’s large LED screen, the new Geek Bar Lush would only make your vaping experience bigger and better with its innovative mega screen. Vaping with lively animated graphics will immerse you with the sense of Cyberpunk 2077. The cyberpunk inspired art of geek bar lush illustrates the vaper’s evolutionary aesthetic of new stylish technology.

Dual Heating, Dual Aroma.

Let’s not forget that this great piece of art is a collaboration between DigiFlavor and Geek Bar vapes. DigiFlavor, a vape manufacturer that is known for its ‘flavor chaser’ aroma , ensures a high standard of taste duration from every puff that vapers hit.

Dynamic Mode, Dynamic You.

220%! You heard that right! Geek Bar Lush boosts its performance by up to 220% with its dynamic mode. And 10000 puffs on the new Dynamic mode to keep the hits bigger and running. This game changer sets up a flavor realm journey that was designed for dynamic vapers to explore cloud chasing on.

We are all excited to see how geek vape and Digi Flavor’s dream collaboration is going to change up the vaping market. Hold on your horse, let’s hear how other vape central wholesale’s vape connoisseurs think about geek bar lush!

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The wait is over for the newest sensation to hit the vape game once again from the Geek Bar labs. Many disposable vape wholesale and vape shops have been anticipating for the long awaited release of the new stylish Digiflavor x Geek Bar 20k Lush vape. By the looks of the new Geek Bar Lush vape device, it will catch a lot of attention from vapers that will bring in high demand from online vape shops and headshops requesting their wholesale vape distributor to carry this out of this world looking disposable vape.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we are a Geek Bar distributor that always carries their latest vape devices like the Geek Bar Pulse, now soon carrying the new evolution of vaping like the Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush vape. Disposable vale distributors will not want to miss the new futuristic vape brand like the Geek Bar Lush, as it will bring a lot of traffic to vape shops nationwide once it hits store shelves.

The highly anticipated Digiflavor x Geek Bar 20k Lush will play an important part in the vaping world, just like its predecessor, the Geek Bar Pulse 15000 vapes, as Vape Central Wholesale has been receiving request as of lately for the release date making it already one of a most anticipated Ecig devices to date. We recommended disposable vape distributors and online vape shops to not be left behind, as the Geek Bar Lush will move big units on its own just like the The GeekBar Pulse 15000 did. At Vape Central Wholesale we made sure to restock weekly to meet our customers' needs thanks to our partnership with the Geek Bar brand. Now with the new release of the all new Digiflavor x Geek Bar 20k Lush, we invite all B2B customers to join us in leveling up together to get in on the next top seller in the vape game.

The new Digiflavor x GeekBar 20 Lush vape has everything that a vaper needs; LED mega screen display, new fruit flavors, an appealing futuristic design, and 20,000 puffs of high powered puffs.

Where to find Digiflavor x Geek Bar 20k Lush wholesale? At Vape Central Wholesale, we help vape shops and disposable vape wholesale owners with our sales forecasting of new vape brands like the Geek Bar 20k Lush, that will help bring rapid growth and healthy margin returns to our B2B customers by supplying only top vape brands that won't stay stuck on store shelves. The rush to cyber city has begun with Geek Bar 20k Lush, as it will be another one for the books.

Bring on the new Geek Bar Lush flavors that will make your mouth watery. The master minds of the Geek Bar Pulse look to solidify their spot atop the disposable vape game with the new Geek Bar Digiflavor Lush 20k. With twenty-thousand puffs in a new stylish and easy to use device, vape shops will be lining up to get the new hottest vape in the country.

New vape, new technology. Save your flavor taste with the new innovative 6s Guardian technology. This this new feature avoids extended inhalation, which the guardian activates after 6 seconds of inhalation to save you from puffing any unwanted aroma smell. Another new technology that vapers will love is the dual core heating feature which ensures a long-lasting aroma and having a fresh aroma at the same time, which is great for new and experienced vapers so all can have a pleasant yet high quality puffing experience without any funny taste.

We can talk about the device and its specs all day but everyone knows that the most important part of any vape is the flavor. The new Geek Bar x Digiflavor Lush 20k expands on new flavors that made the Geek bar Pulse into the most popular vape in the country.

There are currently fifteen flavors on the docket for the Digiflavor Lush. There are your usual suspects like Miami Mint, Strawberry and Blue Razz Ice and those will always sell as they're some of the top flavors that vapers look for at vape shops anyway. The real exciting news is the expansion on the "Fab" flavorings which were killing it in the Geek Bar Pulse vapes like their signature flavor F*kcing Fab. The new Geek Bar Digiflavor Lush expands on the "Fab" flavors adding both Strawberry and Blueberry Fab. Each puff is like getting a blueberry or strawberry tropical party to the lungs. While the flavors are strong and distinct, you still get that consistent draw of vape clouds thats associated with Geek Bar vapes.

Other fruit flavors to look out for that your customers will love are the Sour Apple Jolly Rancher which makes my mouth water just thinking about it and the Manlon Twist similar to a delicious Mango Watermelon. Want to tryout a Geek Bar Lush disposable for yourself? Head to our website and sign up for a Wholesale account and we can hook you up. I guarantee these vape flavors will pack a punch whether it be the new Banana Coconut or the Green Desert Digiflavor Lush, you're not going to want to miss out bringing these into your shop.

Vape Central Wholesale|GEEK BAR DIGIFLAVOR LUSH 20K|Disposable
Vape Central Wholesale|GEEK BAR DIGIFLAVOR LUSH 20K|Disposable

Available Wholesale Flavors of Geek Bar Lush

-Blue Razz Ice
-Strawberry Ice
-Strawberry Fab
-Watermelon Ice
-Manlon Twist (mango watermelon)
-Blueberry Fab
-Banana Coconut
-Green Desert (green apple)
-Triple Berry Ice
-Raspberry Zing
-White Fusion
-Berry Bomb
-Miami Mint
-Cool Mint
-Sour Apple Jolly Rancher

Vape Central Wholesale|GEEK BAR DIGIFLAVOR LUSH 20K|Disposable
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

A new twist to classic flavors

The new BC5000 vape has made a flawless vape with plenty of classic flavors and new flavor E-juice blends to choose from. The fruit flavor line-up is immense, with up to 40 different flavors tastes available for all vapor connoisseurs to explore. Now you can dive deeper into a new EB Create vape world with classic flavors for the perfect vape to indulge in.

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate WholesaleEBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

EB Create's new dual mesh coil activates a fast draw, delivering consistent amazing taste puff after puff. My new favorite flavor from the BC5000 vape is the Tropical Rinbo, embracing the snack favorite candy bean aroma sweet taste. Don't be fooled by the spelling of the flavor name; you will feel the taste of the famous candy treat that will elevate your mood and enhanced relaxation. Another new popular EB vape flavor that is trending with our customers is the Snoow Ice, a flavor that once you take a puff, it will make you reminisce a taste of the exotic flavor snowflake ice treat. It gives you a delightful ice cream taste when you puff away the E-clouds with an aroma of snowflake ice treat left behind in your mouth, a flawless vape hit made in heaven. A classic vape flavor that was brought back is the fan favorite, Clear. This EB vape flavor is super minty, leaving your mouth with a refreshing aftertaste to enjoy. Gives BC5000 vape aficionados the perfect vape hit of minty flavors as it will remove your morning breath with a breeze of minty freshness.

-The EB Create BC5000 is still a recognizable name in the vape world. Since the new launch of the EB Create vape, it has become one of our top seller in a short period of time and will be beneficial to have in your vape warehouse.
-Over 40 flavors of classic, remix, and brand new varieties that will want to make EB vape fans try them all. A great job EB created in their vape lab on executing many delicious tastes that will make vapers rejoice. 

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

-The EB vape comes in a new design and packaging that is as presentable as the original BC5000 vape classic with a fresh look, giving vapers a reminder of where the new EB vapes comes from and is easily recognizable when they see the BC5000 vape display box at vape shops. If you need new vape supplies of the EB Create, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered.

Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable |Geek Bar| Meloso Max


There are still some vape shops that don't have new EB Vapes stocked in their vape warehouse. The new BC5000 might still not be part of their vaping supplies because they are unaware about the new brand renaming, as it is still spreading nationwide. But it will gain traction once the vapor world know who they really are. The puff count of 5,000 is a good amount but not as high as newer vape disposables in the vape world. However, I am sure EB Create BC5000 vapes will catch up in no time while they are reintroducing their bread and butter disposable vape.

The Verdict:

EB Create has done a magnificent job in recreating their BC5000 vape by bringing it back to vape shops, and they should definitely add it into their vape warehouse since it is the gold standard in the vape world. EB Create have improved their flawless vape with newer dual mesh coils to enhance their draw action, new delicious flavors, and a new sleeker appearance that makes it the perfect vape.

Once vape shops, the vape distributor, and vapers have a full grasp of who EB Create is, once they try out the BC5000 pod; they will recognize the popular vape brand and recreate the same demand they had when the first original disposable vape first hit the vape world. It is a solid investment to be one of the first to carry the EB Create BC5000 vapes since not many vape shops and vaping supplies centers are aware of the new branding and are underestimating how amazing the new EB Create vape really is.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we want to stock your vape warehouse so everyone can have the chance to carry the new perfect vape in your vape store while everyone is still sleeping on it. The future is bright for EB Create BC5000 vapes.

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