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What color is your Bugatti?

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Is the popular online catchphrase in social media videos and comments these days. But now we all get a piece of the super car maker Bugatti and our choice of color. Now the vape manufacturer, Aroma King, has introduced to the vape world, the Bugatti Spaceship. The new vape disposable pod in the vaping world, has just launched for take off. It is made to resemble a high end design just like in the image of the luxury super car, Bugatti, a sleek glossy colored disposable vape that will instantly catch the eyes of vapers.

Bugatti vape puffs at 7000 counts of fruit flavor tastes, holds a prefilled 15 ml of E-juice and a nicotine salt of 5% to feel the fast rush just like the high end sports car. The battery life is at 500 mAh and a rechargeable Type C port that comes packaged with a cable charger. The Bugatti Spaceship vapes are manufacturer in Europe, which is an approach similar to where the Bugatti cars are assembled. Aroma King has strategize to use the image of Bugatti to give vapers who are into a high-end lifestyle or who aspire to be, by giving a piece of it in the form of their new disposable vape. The Bugatti company are known to make the most expensive millions of dollars luxury sports car, a fast car that once you put the pedal to the metal, you will go full throttle, literally.

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The Bugatti Spaceship vape carries a selection of 18 disposable pod flavors like the Blue Gummy, Strawberry Watermelon, Cool Mint, Kiwi Dragon Berry, and Orange Crush just to name a few. As I have tested the Bugatti Spaceship vapes, I have tried the mentioned flavors and it is a big improvement in creating a much better tasting and cooler looking disposable vape compared to their first Bugatti vape run they did earlier this year that used to be a dual vape device.

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As the vaping industry has gone thru changes and trends this year, it seems like this year what has been trending recently is the use of image and likeness from well-known celebrities, icons, and hip hop rappers. Seems like companies who have launched vape brands this year have marketed in using the likeness of pop culture figures like Mike Tyson (Tyson 2.0 Heavy Weight), Snoop Dogg (Death Row Vapes), Hulk Hogan (Immortal), and Tekashi 6ix9ine (Dummy Vapes). These exclusive vapes have made some vape manufacturers take this route by using the likeness of celebrities and now industries, have been a big trend this year that is geared towards vapers, as a way to gain instant traffic for vape companies that manufacture their own vape devices.

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Aroma Kings went beyond that, which they are collaborating with a big billion dollar industry instead of a popular individual. They have partnered up with a luxury car maker like Bugatti. Furthermore, Bugatti has become a household name as it has a presence on social media outlets. There are segments like YouTube influencers making vlogs about Bugatti cars like the Veyron and Chiron, to even hearing hip hop songs from DJ Khaled and other rappers by making references to Bugatti cars.

Vape manufacturers using pop culture likeness and now the image of a car maker, seem like a great marketing strategy. However, some of these vape brands are premium priced towards both vape distributors and vape stores, which their cost to purchase is set higher than other top selling vapes like EB Create, Orion Bar, Geek Bar just to name a few.. The end-user, which is the vaping consumer, will be attracted to them at first glance, due to the hype surrounding these types of devices and it puts instant high expectations of their vaping performance once they pay the premium retail price.

But that is part of the vape game, the risk and capitalization to make a dream a reality. The next big collaboration between an industry and vape company is finally here. Will the crossover between Aroma King and Bugatti be the next big trend, where vaping meets the car industry? Will this be attractive and intriguing to vapers?

Will there be more car makers and other billion dollar industries that let vaping manufacturers use their likeness as well? What do vapers think about this new trend? Would vapers and vape sellers be willing to pay a premium price for a long period of time for these vape brands? Lastly, would the vape industry benefit from having vape manufacturers using the likeness of famous people and the car industry?

Many questions we have. Vapers, let us know your thoughts in the comment section. If you want your vape disposable to feel like its going full throttle, try the Bugatti Spaceship and let us know how it holds up.

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The Fi3000's mouthpiece is a crystal-clear wide piece that provides a comfortable mouth-to-lung (MTL) activation, allowing for both wide puffs and effortless hits that can produce large clouds of vapor. 

Feel the Rush with Funky Republic Fi3000

Brandon Podesta

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The flawless vape that has become a household name in the vape world since its first launch, has reinvented itself and its back with nice upgrades. 


Brandon Podesta

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Be the first to carry the Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 Summer Wave Edition disposable vape that just launched and with 4 out of this world fruity flavors. We are one of the first to carry this limited edition Orion Bar that you wont find in any vape shops, online vape stores and vape distributors. 


Brandon Podesta


     Brandon Podesta




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