Pay Less and Get More Than You Hoped For

Pay Less and Get More Than You Hoped For

Your business, we care.

As a top-rated disposable vape distributor in California, we know how this ever-changing industry is and how important it is for clients to have a liable and trusted vape distributor. You have our promise of providing a stable bulk disposable vape supply, prompt customer service and a customer service dedicated attitude. Ever since vape central wholesale was established, we have been dedicated to serving our customers business to form a loyal partnership.

One-stop shop experience? We got you.

Since the establishment of Vape Central Wholesale, our sole focus has been to serve your business as a loyal partner. We aim to offer you a comprehensive one-stop shop disposables experience that caters to all your needs. Whether you're searching for the best disposable wholesale prices, free shipping, or a seamless purchase process, we've got you covered. Choose Vape Central Wholesale as your distributor and discover the convenience and satisfaction we bring to your business.

What’s more, check out our mission statement to see what else that we offer.

Original vape, original heart.

We take great pride in the authenticity of our products. At vape central wholesale, we have formed solid long-term relationships with well-known disposable manufacturers. All of our products are guaranteed 100% original as we are an authorized wholesale supplier. You can trust in the quality and reliability of every item we offer. For more details to verify disposable vapes, please visit our blogs How to verify vapes.

Vaping matters and your business matters

Whether you are looking for a great price or a great vapes, we have it all. Our solution to our clients is to provide all their needs into one comprehensive service. We reassure you that you will find everything you are looking for here to become successful and dominate your competition.


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‘original vape original heart’, LOL, I likw that.


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