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The newest trend in the disposable vape world has taken innovation to the next level with Lost Mary's latest Off Stamp SW9000 vape. The Off Stamp vape has hit the streets and picked up steam with a new feature not seen in any disposable vape device;

The newest trend in the disposable vape world has taken innovation to the next level with Lost Mary's latest Off Stamp SW9000 vape. The Off Stamp vape has hit the streets and picked up steam with a new feature not seen in any disposable vape device; a power bank vape battery charger that magnetizes onto the juice pod, which has caught the eyes of vapers who like to ride with their vapes for days without needing to recharge. The new Off Stamp SW9000 vapes has seen a surge in our recent sales data as vapers are starting to notice what makes it unique and why it is relevant in the vape game.

The Off Stamp vape comes in 2 editions, The Kit Edition and the Pod Edition. The high powered Off Stamp Kit edition is a combination that comes with it's juice pod that has a 200 mAh non rechargeable battery, as the Off Stamp offers 8 different fruit flavors. However, it is vital that it needs the power bank charging station, and that is were the Off Stamp Kit edition comes in. The Kit edition comes with the essential Power bank, which in other words is a vape battery charger, that has a C port rechargeable mAh 800 vape battery, which you magnetize or rather stamp on to the juice pod, combining a mega 1,000 mAh battery life that will last you days to puff on. The power bank is a great portable battery charger that will benefit vapers in longer lasting vape puffs for their Off Stamp

Off-Stamp SW9000 kit Disposable Pod By Lost Mary
Off-Stamp SW9000 kit Disposable Pod| Lost Mary| lost mary disposable vape
Off Stamp| Off-stamp| off stamp disposable vape


What makes the Off Stamp stand out and appealing is that the power bank and flavored juice pod come in various vibrant colors. Vapers can color swap between the juice pod and power bank is fun to customize, making the new vape pod and power bank combo look hip and chic to look at. Vapers rejoice with a long-lasting vape device to puff big clouds on without going to look for an electric socket just to recharge. The power bank is not only a portable battery charger, but it is also budget friendly for vapers, as you can save the power bank after the Off Stamp pod device runs out of vape juice, so all you need is to buy the standalone Off Stamp Pod Edition. This way, vapers can choose any flavor of their liking as the price is much lower than the Kit edition. Another huge plus about the Off Stamp SW9000 is that it also saves our planet's environment from dumping hazardous battery waste in the trash, as it might be one of the only vape eco friendly products that allows vapers to keep our planet much cleaner. The power bank portable battery charger is a game changer for the vape world to use which can become the norm real soon.

As the Off Stamp SW9000 vapes has begun to build demand, we at Vape Central Wholesale have already built a sales data report that shows which are the bestseller flavors so we can help our B2B customers understand which flavors are flying off our shelves and being added onto our customers' vape supplies repeatedly. From the Lost Mary labs, they have upgraded their vape oil to a delicious and sweet fruit aroma that has vape shop customers loving it. The taste is different from previous Lost Mary models, as they went with the Off Stamp with a more soothing and fruity vape oil aroma. Where to find Off Stamp SW9000? At Vape Central Wholesale, we carry the top vape brands in the world that is to bring in results for our customers, along with free shipping, free returns, free samples, no gimmicks. It is time to let the Off Stamp SW9000 vape shine, as we go down the list of the new and top seller flavors, let's dive right in.

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The newest flavor in town, Sour Lush Gummy for the Off Stamp vape has become a sensational top seller for this eco-friendly vape device. The intoxicating taste of sour gummy candy with watermelon menthol flavor all combined into one icy rich aroma. Your mouth to lung experience will feel just like being in heaven. It is no wonder it is the most sought after Off Stamp vape flavor.

Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit| disposable vape kit| lost mary| lost mary disposable vape
Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit By Lost Mary


A popular vape flavor done just right for the Off Stamp vape brand. The cool richness of watermelon with menthol, breezy but fruity as Lost Mary labs has upgraded its vape oil for this fruit flavor. The updated Watermelon Ice hits good when taking big clouds of puffs. You can find Watermelon Ice at Vape Central Wholesale for Off Stamp and other Lost Mary vape devices as well, as it is a must have for all vape shops and vape wholesale


If it aint juicy, I dont want it. However, OffStamp vapes brought it juicy enough for its top 3 best seller flavor, Juicy Peach. Puff on the delicious flavor of bright peach taste with a light sour aroma that will quench your thirst. For OffStamp SW9000, this flavor's profile hits the sweet spot for vapers as peach flavors have become top sellers for many newer vape brands and becoming a must have for vape brands to offer.

Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit By Lost Mary
cherry strazz.jpg__PID:5fea49a9-4118-48cd-915c-96edf3834875


Experience a explosion of fruity flavors all rolled up into one, like the savory Cherry Strazz for the OffStamp 9000 vape. The combination of cherry fruit with a rich strawberry flavor aroma will make vapers rejoice with a satisfying MTL action to bust your lungs to with a smooth fruit taste. At Vape Central Wholesale, an American disposable vape distributor, where we were one of the first to carry the Off Stamp vape, has started to climb up the vape charts. Order your boxes today and add it to your vape supplies if you haven't done so.


A tasty vape flavor that took off in 2023, it is still on top of the list for some of the vape brands that carry the amazing tasting California Cherry. Off Stamp 9000 vape, powered by Lost Mary, did not miss a beat with the popular tasty Californian Tulare Cherry fruit that started off with Lost Mary's sister brand, Funky Lands. The California Cherry has grown in popularity as a must have for online vape shops and disposable vapor wholesale. Vapers love the maximum taste of this exclusive California fruit.

Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit By Lost Mary
Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit By Lost Mary


Get total satisfaction with the mega-mix of epic proportions. This amazing Off Stamp SW9000 vape mixes up the exotic Dragon fruit, strawberries and banana that will make your mouth watery with the sweet and creamy taste of this vape flavor. This flavor has been trending in newer vape devices, as it has been climbing up in popularity in every vape store and vape distributor nationwide.


The classic flavor with a taste of Miami life is now part of the vape life. Vapers love this famous vape flavor due to its citrus spearmint taste that is sweet and minty. The Miami Mint now released for Off Stamp SW9000 vape has evolved, as the classic flavor vape oil has an updated minty flavor that will give it a new twist for those Miami life loving vapers.

Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit By Lost Mary
Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit By Lost Mary


An extremely well known vape flavor that usually is a top seller for every vape brand for the last few years has made its way to the new OffStamp E cig device. Vapers enjoy the blazing menthol taste with Blue Raspberry explosion that is widely known to always bring a party to vapers' lungs. The ever popular Blue Razz Ice is still widely made by every vape brand to be included in their vape flavor profile.

Where to find Off Stamp SW9000? At Vape Central Wholesale, we carry a large selection of flavors for all vape brands we carry, to make sure you include in your vape supplies for your online vape shop an disposable vape wholesale. We partner up with key players in the vape game so we can carry the bestselling vape brands.

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-Off Stamp vapes are made by Lost Mary, a high quality vape brand that knows how to make vapes for vapers. Cannot go wrong with anything made by Lost Mary.

-The customization of colors between the Pod and Kit are fun to combine and will never get vapers bored from showing them off and vape puffing all day long.

-The Off Stamp SW9000 is an Eco Friendly disposable vape that protects the environment from trashing too many E cigarettes. This is a responsible way of giving back to mother nature.

-The Off Stamp kit edition comes with a powerful 800 mAh power bank that you can use anytime to connect to your pod of 200 mAh that clocks in 1000 mAh. Stamp on the power bank kit to your pod juice to last you days so vapers can chase the perfect vape session non-stop.

-The Off stamp pod version is budget friendly if you save the power bank from the Kit edition. Vapers will save money buying different fruit flavors as they are affordable when having the power bank around.


-At launch flavors are limited, so for now vapers only have 8 different vape oil pods to choose from, but all are tasty and delicious compared to other vape brands.

-Vapers will need to purchase the Kit edition in order to make the Pod edition work, but only a one-time kit edition is needed. However, some vapers will get bored with just having a one color power bank, but vapers do have the option to customize their Off Stamp pod colors to make things more stylish if they buy different color power banks kits and other flavor pods to make their vape life more interesting.


New vape innovations are going to hit hard for all 2024 and disposable vape wholesale are off to a great start with the incredible tasting and eco-friendly Off Stamp SW9000 vapes. The new vape E-juice tastes amazing to puff in the Off Stamp vapes, since Lost Mary stamped on their signature vape oil in their new Off Stamp Pod with updated vape oil flavors. The Off-Stamp is an amazing looking disposable vape to add to your vape supplies in your online vape shop and disposable vape distribution. Save time to recharge, as the long-lasting power bank will let vapers keep puffing while the power bank is snapped into the Pod. Puff away all the clouds you want while your power bank is magnetized onto your pod with its huge 1000 mAh battery to make your vape life more convenient.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we know the Off-Stamp 9000 vape device will do great for disposable vape wholesale and online vape stores. It is a convenient and reliable E cig device that comes from a reputable vape manufacturer. With its appealing stylish mix and match color scheme, it will catch other vapers attention to try it out. So far since its release, we have received great feedback from vape shop customers who got first dibs on the Off Stamp SW9000 vapes.

Our Vape Central wholesale customers have given us their full confidence in supplying them only the best vape brands in the vape world, so why not you also give us a try if you haven't yet. If you are ready to partner up with Vape Central and you want to see fast growth in your vapor wholesale and online vape store, we got you covered. The Off Stamp SW9000 by Lost Mary vapes are the future and gets our stamp of approval. Get ready to put your stamp in the game this year.


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