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Lost Mary MO20000 Disposable Vape Wholesale

Get Lost with Mary in High Definition. The classic best selling vape, Lost Mary is back in the vape world with new upgrades; sleek new design, higher puff count, a mega display screen, and fruitier delightful flavors that will bring vapers joy. Introducing the Lost Mary MO20000 Pro vape, one of the best selling vape brands at vape shops and vape wholesale. The new upgrade device is now found again with the biggest all new high defintion mega animation screen that looks incredibly appealing. Indulge in the Lost Mary, as one of the most respected vape brands has been upgraded and knocked it out of the park with an ultra sleek looking vape device that will turn heads with its appealing beautiful color marble design scheme. As Vape Central Wholesale is one of the first distributors to carry the new vape Lost Mary MO20000 Pro with a total of 15 fruit flavors, as it has already started splashing the scene in the vape world. Lets check out what the new classic vape is all about.


One stop at the look of the glorious new Lost Mary MO20000 Pro vape and vapers will marvel at the artestry that was put in this masterpiece of a vape pod. Mary is back with a refreshed classical design as the new Lost Mary vape disposable came back in full swing with their signature known marble design scheme. Just by the looks of the new Lost Mary 20k vape, vapers will be able to tell that this is a high quality disposable vape that gives mass appeal and a good vibe status when once glancing at the new Lost Mary vape. Bigger is better, as the Lost Mary 20k vape device is much bigger than its predecessor, Lost Mary MO5000. The bigger frame appearance is a recent growing trend but also due to a much more prefilled oil packed inside the vape disposable. The new sleek and splashy design on this pod will have vapers appreciate the artwork dedication that vapers will be proud to hold and show off.

There are many new updates when comparing to its predecessor, the all time top seller Lost Mary MO5000 vape. Exciting major upgrades like the added large animated display screen, the count puff going from 5000 to 20k which vapers will love. Furthermore, Lost Mary added an option to switch the watts power setting which is awesome for cloud chasers, and they even upgraded their fruit flavors that have evolved from the classic Lost Mary MO5k into new tasty Blue Baja Splash, Dragon Drink, and Rocket Popcicle. We will cover all upgrades so you can get a in depth look on the new Lost Mary MO20k vape, lets dive right in.


Imagine being out on a night out in town and you need something to wake up your senses, the high cloud hitting Lost Mary MO20k vape delivers more puff counts than its predecessor, the famous Lost Mary MO5000 vape. Enjoy sweeter bigger clouds with Mary with a massive 20,000 hit count of joy and fun, as the Lost Mary vape brand is known as the good vape that will satisfy any vapers cravings for a cloud chasing session. Take charge of your vape game, as with a click of a button, vapers can press to adjust the watts power up to a maximum high of 25 watts, all the way down to a chill and relaxing session to the lowest setting of 13 watts to control your cloud game to any environtment. Go from lower hit clouds to a elevated higher cloud session in a split second. Straight out of the box, The Lost Mary 20k vape disposable comes with a prefilled vape oil of 18 ml that burns slow yet delives big cloud action for those lungbuster Mary fans. Get ready to renergize your senses with a instant reawakening of 5% nicotine salt that gives an amazing rush to your body.

Flex your lungbuster skills with the new Lost Mary vape device, in both low power and high power watts, the choice is yours. While in low power watts mode, vapers get to enjoy all the 20,000 puff hits of Mary which in this low mode is powered by a single mesh coil to get the most bang for your buck when taking smooth chill hits. However, if you are longing for massive cloud chasing and donut clouds, increase your watts output in high power mode, as the new Lost Mary 20k vape activates bigger vape clouds thanks to the advanced dual mesh coil. Grab your Lost Mary 20k disposable pod and have a super vape session that you wont forget, at an optimal 0.09 ohm of power. This high powered output will right away activate an effortless MTL action experience with a rapid heating vapor production to get the cleanest puff hit ever. To control your vape game session, there is a toggle switch on the side of the Lost Mary MO20k vape that controls your airflow, as it opens up the air hole on the new Lost Mary vape depending how restricted you want your inhale hit to go from your mouth to lungs.


The most anticipated new Lost Mary vape device just went full throttle with the biggest high definition display screen right now in the vape game. Vapers from all over can get to experience the largest animated screen in existence, showing vape afficioados which watts setting they can go, from 0 to 100 real quick when chasing clouds on the Lost Mary 20k vape. Choose your destiny, as the HD mega screen display shows the wattage you want to take your vape session. The new Lost Mary vape comes with a brand new animation mega display screen that lights up blue flame animation burning up when inhaling from its smooth mouthpiece. The wicked high definition animated glowing blue fire flame will sure break necks when out at a gathering or raving the night away. The new designed Lost Mary MO20000 vape definetly has an unforgetable mega screen to grab all the attention anywhere your heart takes you.

The new mega animated screens lets vapers know the status of the battery life and juice oil capacity after taking vape hits on this bad boy, as the Lost Mary MO20k Pro vape is fully intuitive. A big innovation that I love on the new Lost Mary vape is it gives vapers a timer count, as it shows the seconds of how long your vape hit lasts, something no one else is doing in other vape devices. Get ready to show off your long inhale skills to friends, as everyone can play the game of who can hit the Lost Mary vape the longest. Keep puffing and going, as the Lost Mary MO 20000 vape has a long lasting 800 mAh battery to recharge with vape device's Type-C port. This vape disposable is packed to the brim to last days and days until its next recharge.


If you are looking for some championship cloud sessions, the Lost Mary MO20k vape is for you. The new vape device gives vapers the option to adjust the airflow with a toggle switch to customize your MTL action that is placed on the side of the Lost Mary 20k vape. With a open airflow beneath the Lost Mary 20k Pro vape, it either closes or opens up the airflow by switching the 3 way airflow toggle switch. Go either beast mode with an unrestriced air flow to show off big vape cloud skills or swith the toggle to a more tighter air flow and get a more mellow puff hit so that you can discreetly puff discreet clouds when you dont want to blow some very obivious clouds, an amazing feature to take control of a vapers surrounding environtment.


Thanks to new technology put into the Lost Mary MO20k newly upgraded mesh coil, vape connoseurs get to enjoy a more thicker aroma taste to get the most delicious clouds in the vape world. The quick heating dual mesh coil onto the prefilled vape oil, Mary fans get to enjoy a true to flavor selection of 15 new fruit flavors to move your body and your soul to the next level of vaping. At Vape Central Wholesale, our experienced and passionate vape testers cannot get enough of some brand new fruit flavors that only Lost Mary vapes can deliver.

Our Vape Central testers had a lot of fun tasting these new Lost Mary fruit flavors, as you can check out the vape cloud action yourself on our newest YouTube shorts and Instagram videos, so make sure to follow us to stay updated on the latest vape products. Check out all 15 fruit flavors and get them at Vape Central Wholesale to have your customers enjoy the new Lost Mary MO20k Pro vape, now with free shipping and free exchange for peace of mind.

Lost Mary Mo20k Pro Wholesale In Stock|Disposable|Vape Central wholesale

Rocket Popcicle - Our favorite new flavor that we never seen before, is the fruity Rocket Popsicle. Feel the thirst quenching remedy with a mega explosion of sweet fruit flavors like Oranges, Raspberry, and Cherries to cool down vapers when out and about in a hot sunny day. If you are looking to hit the beach and lay down in the sun, the sweetness factor of the Rocket Popsicle will give you fresh energy to beat the pounding sun rays.

Lost Mary MO20000 Disposable Vape Wholesale

Dragon Drink - Another amazing Lost Mary vape flavor our vape testers loved is the exotic Dragon Drink, as this flavor unleashes refreshes your inner beast with this rich aroma tropical taste of dragon drink mixed with ripe mango. Feel the beat of the night with this high energy giving and savory vape puff that tastes like a paradise fruit drink to enjoy this flavorful aroma down to the last drop.

Lost Mary MO20000 Disposable Vape Wholesale

Blue Baja Splash - Enter more exciting new flavors like the blue flavoured soda pop taste of Blue Baja Splash. This new flavor to the vape game, the Blue Baja Spash is one unique vape flavor our vape testers loved, as the intoxicating blueberry fruit is fused with fresh lime vibes and sweet mint flavors get a smooth MTL action like no other.

Lost Mary MO20000 Disposable Vape Wholesale

Miami Mint - One of the all time selling flavors has received a huge aroma upgrade, the sensational Miami Mint. Once taking a deep hit, it makes sure you feel an instant brain freeze, just as described by one of ouf vape testers. The new Miami Mint hits your vape vice with an ultimate taste of menthol mint to feel the South beach vibes anywhere you want.



-It is Lost Mary, enough said. It catched up with the high puff count revolution that started in the vape industry in late 2023, as it has made a big splashing trend into 2024. The newest Lost Mary vape has evolved into a 20,000 mega hitting vape with an attractive mega hd animation display, which so far is the biggest out there in the vape game. The HD mega display is beautiful and onlookers will stop ask where you got that at.

-The Lost Mary 20k vape sells fast, as the brands sells itself. Need a stable vape distributor of Lost Mary MO20k? At Vape Central Wholesale, we always keep restocking to keep supplying your vape shop and online vape store all 15 amazing vape flavors always available. Our sales data shows it keeps selling everyday, as once you get these in your vape store, customers will gravitate towards it right away due to the reputation of this brand that it will never collect dust in your store shelfs.

-All 15 fruit flavors taste amazing, a hard to accomplish feat for most vape brands. Lost Mary upped the flavor vape production which us vape testers tried every vape flavors and the taste are amazingly out of this world. Many sweet and cool tasting flavors that will have vape conneseurs want to explore every vape flavor. The powerful 25 watts of puff clouds will delight vapers maximum joy, so take advantage of the watts output the new Lost Mary 20k vape gives out.


-As Lost Mary MO20k came out swinging for a knockout, it does have some tough competition at the moment with the likes of Geek Bar Pulse, Raz vape, and Spaceman 20k and even their own Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo vape. However, trust in Mary, as this new vape wont feel like your taking a huge gamble once customers notice it in your vape store. Do not carry it because there are other vapes that are in higher demand, do your customer a service and carry it so you wont be left behind. It sells itself regardless of competition.


At Vape Central Wholesale, we were anticipating this release as we were curious how much the Lost Mary MO vape has evolved, and it for sure took our breath away with the amazing taste of the new flavors they have introduced. The new Lost Mary MO20000 Pro vape looks amazing with the biggest HD display animation to date, a beautiful splashing marble design scheme, a smooth quick activating dual mesh coil, the custom low to high power mode giving new and experienced vapers high puffing wattage, and the high hitting 20,000 puffs to indulge in. A portable yet high puff count action will bring more joy to Mary fans worldwide, as the 15 fruit flavors are delicious with a mesmerizing aroma that gives good vibes all around. The Lost Mary MO20k gives loads of features and options for vape afficionados with a power to change from 13 to 25 watts with a click of a button, this new vape brand can give vapers fun challenges like the vape hit timer, down to the big cloud chasing tricks that vapers can do for fun. Vape Central Wholesale, an American trusted vape distributor has built partnerships to keep vape supplying one of the fastest selling vape brands in the game. Find Mary again and chase clouds with her.

Lost Mary MO20000 Disposable Vape Wholesale
Lost Mary MO20000 Disposable Vape Wholesale
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale
EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

A new twist to classic flavors

The new BC5000 vape has made a flawless vape with plenty of classic flavors and new flavor E-juice blends to choose from. The fruit flavor line-up is immense, with up to 40 different flavors tastes available for all vapor connoisseurs to explore. Now you can dive deeper into a new EB Create vape world with classic flavors for the perfect vape to indulge in.

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate WholesaleEBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

EB Create's new dual mesh coil activates a fast draw, delivering consistent amazing taste puff after puff. My new favorite flavor from the BC5000 vape is the Tropical Rinbo, embracing the snack favorite candy bean aroma sweet taste. Don't be fooled by the spelling of the flavor name; you will feel the taste of the famous candy treat that will elevate your mood and enhanced relaxation. Another new popular EB vape flavor that is trending with our customers is the Snoow Ice, a flavor that once you take a puff, it will make you reminisce a taste of the exotic flavor snowflake ice treat. It gives you a delightful ice cream taste when you puff away the E-clouds with an aroma of snowflake ice treat left behind in your mouth, a flawless vape hit made in heaven. A classic vape flavor that was brought back is the fan favorite, Clear. This EB vape flavor is super minty, leaving your mouth with a refreshing aftertaste to enjoy. Gives BC5000 vape aficionados the perfect vape hit of minty flavors as it will remove your morning breath with a breeze of minty freshness.

-The EB Create BC5000 is still a recognizable name in the vape world. Since the new launch of the EB Create vape, it has become one of our top seller in a short period of time and will be beneficial to have in your vape warehouse.
-Over 40 flavors of classic, remix, and brand new varieties that will want to make EB vape fans try them all. A great job EB created in their vape lab on executing many delicious tastes that will make vapers rejoice. 

EBCREATE BC5000|EB Create vape review| EB Create reviews| EBCreate Wholesale

-The EB vape comes in a new design and packaging that is as presentable as the original BC5000 vape classic with a fresh look, giving vapers a reminder of where the new EB vapes comes from and is easily recognizable when they see the BC5000 vape display box at vape shops. If you need new vape supplies of the EB Create, Vape Central Wholesale has you covered.

Vape Central Wholesale| Disposable |Geek Bar| Meloso Max


There are still some vape shops that don't have new EB Vapes stocked in their vape warehouse. The new BC5000 might still not be part of their vaping supplies because they are unaware about the new brand renaming, as it is still spreading nationwide. But it will gain traction once the vapor world know who they really are. The puff count of 5,000 is a good amount but not as high as newer vape disposables in the vape world. However, I am sure EB Create BC5000 vapes will catch up in no time while they are reintroducing their bread and butter disposable vape.

The Verdict:

EB Create has done a magnificent job in recreating their BC5000 vape by bringing it back to vape shops, and they should definitely add it into their vape warehouse since it is the gold standard in the vape world. EB Create have improved their flawless vape with newer dual mesh coils to enhance their draw action, new delicious flavors, and a new sleeker appearance that makes it the perfect vape.

Once vape shops, the vape distributor, and vapers have a full grasp of who EB Create is, once they try out the BC5000 pod; they will recognize the popular vape brand and recreate the same demand they had when the first original disposable vape first hit the vape world. It is a solid investment to be one of the first to carry the EB Create BC5000 vapes since not many vape shops and vaping supplies centers are aware of the new branding and are underestimating how amazing the new EB Create vape really is.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we want to stock your vape warehouse so everyone can have the chance to carry the new perfect vape in your vape store while everyone is still sleeping on it. The future is bright for EB Create BC5000 vapes.



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